And with the 19th pick in the draft, the tennessee titans select...?

meachem, ginn, jarrett, bowe, some cb, mabye even sidney rice?


Its about football..?

Chris Houston , cornerback, Arkansas.

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Pac-Man Jones's parole officer (ha, ha, ha) I would guess either a cb or wr. depending on what happens to jones.

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Dwayne Jarrett. They are on the right track to building a Titans team that will dominate like the Steve McNair Titans, so they will need to give Vince Young a talented wide receiver like Dwayne Jarrett. I know he is slower than Ginn, but Jarrett has the potential to be a great possession receiver. I see them taking Jarrett in the first round, a CB in the second, and then defense 3-7.

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Ted Ginn Jr. OSU.

2 reasons. One, it gives Vince Young an incredible, young receiver to start chemistry with over the next decade. Two, with Pacman in some "hot H2O" the Titan's will benefit from Ginn's punt returning ability.

When's the NFL draft?

Sidney Rice (Jarrett is going to fall to the 2nd round)

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Don't be surprised when the Titans select DE Jarvis Moss of Florida. He is a 6'7", 250 lb. man-mountain whose explosiveness off the line will upgrade the Titans pass rush for years to come. He is also an underclassman and is considered a very coachable player that will only continue to improve. Go Titans!

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