2011 Superbowl (Superbowl XLV) in Dallas; good or bad decision ?

Or should the NFL have chosen Glendale,AZ or Indianapolis,IN ? Why ?


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Dallas It will be an awesome show.

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bad decision,the could be a problem in late January or early February when the super bowl is played

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it's a good decision for the nfl at least because it being in dallas would bring some extra attention to america's team, the team that inevitably draws the most tv ratings and brings in the most money...for the rest of us, it will depend on whether or not the stadium is any good, and we won't know until 2009 when it opens

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Good because it has been a good spot through history for the superbowl. indianapolis does not have the facilites yet to host the superbowl anyway.

THey had it around that area only 2 years ago in detroit.

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its great for the nfl, the new $1 billion stadium is said to be able to sell 120,00 tickets just for the super bowl alone weather wont be a problem with sliding roof, plus texas's rich football history and the cowboys will have home field advantage cause they'll be in the game

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this is a stupid question. they can fit 120,000 people and youre asking if its a bad decision!?

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Good decision. Great football tradition on every level in Texas. Good for the game. Good for the NFL. Brand new stadium. Glendale will probably get it after 2011. I'm not sold on having the Super Bowl in a cold climate simply because the Super Bowl is so much more than the game itself. Too cold in Indy. I still haven't figured out why the NFL decided on Minneapolis and Detroit in the past. Not only is Detroit cold, but it's ugly too. Might as well have the Super Bowl in Baghdad.

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with that new stadium dallas is going to get in 2009 it will be awesome. retractable roof if the weather is bad and they can add more seats to make it a 100,000+ seats available which the nfl also will love.

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Have you taken the virtual tour? You have to see this thing. I think there is a ten minute 3D tour of it at Dallascowboys.com

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hell **** yeah you know wat they say everything is bigger in texas and its going to be the cowboys playin in that super bowl

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Good decision if you're Jerry Jones because he is trying to make sports history by having his team play and win the Superbowl on its home field. Think about the revenue he'll make when that happens. Plus that will put that team in a universal status they're already all world.

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