Any1 else think pennington is better than eli ?

I mean come on eli is very overated ! just cause hes in the manning family doesnt mean nothing ! he sucks! pennington might not have as a strong arm as eli but hes more accurate and better decision wise... also his first 3 years in the NFL has been better than eli manning's 1st 3 years...


Who is the most overrated football player in the Nfl?

I defentely think Chad Pennington is way better that eli manning. Eli is way over rated. Chad pennington has a better carreer passer rating,and better carreer passing percentage. Last year pennington had more yards, more completions, a better completion percentage, more yards per attempt, a better ranking, and less interceptions. I mean come on that is crazy better. I know his is just stats but seriously come on pennington is just up and down a better QB he deserves more hype.

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everyones better than eli

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Yeah, I totally agree. Eli is one of the most overrated QBs in the NFL. If he doesn't get a lot better this year, Eli is totally hopeless, and the Giants would be better off just giving Jared Lorenzen or whoever else a shot.

Pennington is much better, and I think he'll lead the Jets into the playoffs again this year.

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I agree. It is obvious that he got his big break based on his fathers and brothers history in the NFL.

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I think that Eli is going to come into his own in a year or two, but until then, yea Pennington is way better.

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Fact: Pennington is better than Eli Manning.

Where on Earth did you get the idea that some people think Eli is better than Pennington? Clearly these people are dillusional and don't acknowledge solid facts. There is no debate here.

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I've been disgusted with my team(The Giants) ever since they gave up a 3rd round pick along with 1st and 5th round picks in the following draft for Eli Manning instead of Phillip Rivers. I knew then that Manning was, at best, equal to Rivers, and they threw away the shot at 3 other good players for him. Add in the fact that Ben Roethlisberger was drafted #11 that year, it makes it even more frustrating. As a Giants fan I have to sit back and hope that Eli improves soon, but I agree that Pennington can lead a team much better.

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Pennington is alot better than Eli and I don't think Eli will get any better. I am very appreciative of Eli and his refusing to play for the Chargers. It was the best thing to happen to us since LT!!

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Yes, Pennington is much more better than Eli. Pennington needs to stay healthy and have a more productive OL to protect him.

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Pennington compared to Eli? That's like comparing garbage to s**t.

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