2007 draft steelers?

i really dont get this... draft a TE in the third round!!?? we got miller already and he is decent. we need a RB to help willie or CB since its a complete mess, and they are too short to jump high enough to break a pass


Keyswan Johnson released today?

He is a very good choice Bruce Arians new off. cord. really
wanted him he says he is going to go to three tight end sets
next year and put Heath in the slot Tomlin says he wants
more diversity both on offense and defense I like it Hoping
Tony Hunt is there for our next pick... then they have to go
offensive line.. McFadden and Ike Taylor are going to step
it up . You are right about ht. Townsend I think is bad and
and so is Cougliugh not spelled right but you know who I mean.. Go Steelers

Which team has the most fan support?


Who will the Steelers get in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft?

They may of needed a blocking tightend and most of the cornerbacks are off the board and same for runningbacks, they might as well take a value player.

What are some good fantasy football team names?

go figure. my best guess is that either tomlin plans to go three tight end set alot or he plans to get rid of Tuman. Spaeth is pretty big (6-7 267), so they may be plannig to convert him either to a tackle or use his big body in jump ball red zone situations. Walter young is the tallest reciever at 6'4'' and Nate Washington is the tallest wr to have considerable playing time at 6'1''. Heath Miller is 6'5''. there are plenty of decent corners like david irons left , so don't get too concerned yet.

Who should the Jacksonville Jaguars pick in the 2007 Draft?

Does it really make much difference?

Instead of 58-7 in the two games, maybe next year the Ravens will only beat the Steelers 47-14.

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