All High School football players and coaches help me please?

Question:I am geared up for football. It has always been my favorite sport, and I can't get enough. I didn't get to my sophmore year, and this year (my junior) was filled with baseball). Anyways, I was wondering if I have never played football for my school before can I still tryout for Varsity my senior year? How do I go about it? And what position do you suggest?
I am 5 ft 7 in at roughly 172 pounds. I can catch almost anything thrown at me, and I am pretty fast. Playing neighborhood football I am unstoppable while running the ball, because my stiff arm, or I just drag them to the end zone.


Mock draft?

I think you have the physical nature of a safety maybe, not RB because you are 5'7" and for a CB you are too short but i think you would make a great safety

I am HS defensive linemen. Can anyone let me know a few good drills that help improve pass rushing?

theres a pretty big difference between 12 year old neighborhood kids and 230 lb varsity linebackers. unless you are at a pretty shi tty school, they'll have no need for you

btw boo19933 quit trying to get the best answer by lying and saying he'll be great w/o ever seeing him play. i know i wont get the best answer but please dont give it to that c.o.c.k- sucking coward

How do I change my clock to the new 2007 DST?

sounds like...

you could be a running back.
you could be a safety.
you could be a corner.

it doesnt matter about height or size... just matters on how hard you play.

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