Any historic game in sports?

If you had a time machine and could travel back in time to witness what you think is the most monumentel sports game ever, what would it be?


Looking for the song :discovery by brian mcknight?

Games 4-7 of the ALCS. i still cant believe it happened as a sox fan. i think it shows tht anything is possible. and i luv the looks on the yankees fans faces

Is it just compared to me or does Tom Brady run like a girl and Michael Vick throw like a girl?

I have to say the 1980 miracle on ice game where the USA beat the Russians in hockey at the Olympics.

Who is Tim Tebow? Is it true he is the most overrated player ever in college football?

Here's my list (some involve Ohio teams some don't)

1948 World Series
1964 NFL championship game
1966 World Cup final
1969 Rose Bowl
1987 Stanley Cup game 7

Why is there so many people that think bubba franks is so good?

My vote for one of the many great games played would be the AFC playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Oilers. QB Frank Reich led the Bills to an unbelievable 2nd half comeback win.

Who is the best player from the NFL who is not in the Hall of Fame?

any game jerry rice played in .... or watching mj.......... even to watch last years sugar bowl to laugh at quinn loooooooooose

Where can I find statistics for dropped passes in the NFL?

for all of Brett Favre 220+ starts

Best Running Back Ever?

id go back to 1985 and bet on villanova to beat georgetown. Or to 1960 to see the eagles win their last championship. God its hard to be an eagles fan

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