49ers 2007 record predictions?

Question:After lookin at the schedule, it not extremely tough-no pats, colts, chargers, or bears. But we got the ravens and saints as toughest opponents

Im guessin round 8-8, 9-7, or a hopeful 10-6


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8-8 is realistic and if a few things go their way we could be looking at a 9-7 season....

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how about 16-0 all the way to the super bowl

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whatd they do in free agency? i think in a few years the'll have a winning record but not this one cards and seahawks are coming up maybe 7-9 sorry

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9-7 with gore an MVP candidate

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With these free agent pickups and the possibility of some great draft picks, I wouldn't be surprised if the niners go 9-7 or even 10-6 and win the west. The NFC West still is the weakest division and if Tomlinson doesn't go crazy and score 80 td's, Gore will be a top candidate for MVP.

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The 49ers will go 10-6 or 9-7 if not better. Gore is extremely tough in the run. they will be that team in 07

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10-6 Frank Gore and Alex Smith will continue to get better and the 49'ers already have two Monday Night Football games scheduled so theres some people who believe that they'll be a contender out in the west this year

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I am going to have to go with a 7-9 record.hopefully they'll pull off a much better record but realistically i have to go with the previous stated

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If they shore up their defense and Gore doesn't get hurt, 10-6 is a definite possibility.

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Clements should make a difference on defense and if Gore stays fit, they could do all right, but Battle and Lelie as WRs?

Unless either Rams or Seahawks have a terrible season, I don't see 49ers doing better than 8-8

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7-9. Improvement but still have some work to do

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Gore should have career high next season.

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5-11 come on its the 49ers

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They will be 9-7, but will not be a true Super Bowl contender because of how much better teams like the Bears and Saints are. Remember when they lost 41-10 against the Bears? Yeah, thats why they will lose early.

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I will say if everyone plays with their true heart, they can pull off a 11-5 season.Their schedule is not that tough, they need to sweep the rams seahawks and cardinals if they do that they will start getting the respect they deserve.

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