!!Donovan Mcnabb!!?

Dose any Eagles fans out there know how (Da Don) is doing with his with his rehab and do you know when training camp begins and recent video clips of the team.And I do go to the web site but thanks.


Who was the most successful "Mr Irrelevant" in the NFL?

Here i am an eagles fan, he is coming back next season

Will aaron rodgers be successfull?

I heard he's a bit ahead of schedule. He gonna be there next season n he gonna take us to the superbowl


Does anyone think Vince Young will get injured this year because of the Madden cover curse?

he will be back and as a redskin fan i just would like to say i hope he recovers and does well he has my respect he a good qb and a class act good luck on the upcoming season except of course when you play the skins

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