"College Football Fans" who are the top 5 WR in this years NFL draft?

If anyone knows the answer to this question it would be the people who love to watch college football. List from 1-5


Eagle fans,..you need a tissue?

1. Calvin Johnson, Georgie Tech
2. Robert Meachem, Tennessee
3. Dwayne Bowe, LSU
4. Ted Ginn Jr., Ohio State
5. Dwayne Jarrett, USC

Honorable Mentions: Anthony Gonzalez, Steve Smith, Sidney Rice, Craig Davis

Why has america got a football team?

1. calvin johnson
2. ted ginn jr
3. anthony gonzalez
4. dwayne bowe
5. dwayne jarret

Where did ty detmer attend middle school?

1--Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech
2--Dwayne Bowe, LSU
3--Robert Meachem, Tennessee
4--Craig Davis, LSU
5--Sidney Rice, South Carolina

Dwayne Jarrett was a one-year wonder...

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