40 yard dash?

What is the fastest way to run a 40yard dash im the fastest guy on the team I just wanna no what is the best way?.And who in the NFL has the 40 yard dash fastest?


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The best way to run a 40 yard dash is to clear your mind right before the start. Get in your starting position head down shoulders back. The first stage of your run is the first ten yards. This stage is known as your dig stage. Dig as yard as you can in the ten yards, head down looking about 4-5 yards ahead of you ( make sure you don't forget to swing your arms, the faster your arms move the faster you legs move). The second stage is the next ten yards. This stage is your transition stage. Lift your head and look straight ahead. Also, remember to stay relaxed, no heavy breathing. Keep arms moving past hip. Try not to spend to much time with your arms in the front of you. Drive those arms back. The next stage is pretty much the final stage. This stage is known as your top speed stage. Finish through the 40 yard line at full speed, do not stop at the 40. I hope this helps and good luck! Oh yeah I almost forgot. The fastest 40 ever ran by a NFL player is 4.29. The athlete that posted that time was none other then the flashy Deon Sanders

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just run with good form and with a good heart and u should have no promblem. i mean i have a ok 40 time( 4.5)

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I don't know the second question but I do know the first. You need to crouch down at the way you will be running the entire time. Look straight ahead, and don't look back or at other people. Listen for the shot and run like you're getting ready to catch on fire. Run like it depends on your life! That is my best advice.

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what do you mean the fastest way?? Just pump your arms! You either got it or ya dont.

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Use the Vesulva Method. Always works for me.

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