Where did Russel come from? He had one good game against a very bad D-Fence in ND?


Do u think that Brian Urlacker should of got MVP if they won the SB??

I am wondering the same thing...He is the #1 pick based on a Sugar Bowl against what everyone was aware was a suspect D?...And this is coming from an ND fan...Brady Quinn will be the better pro than JaMarcus Russell...

Has anyone heard of Union High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma? The football program?

His one good game shot him into the spot light. And it wasn't just any game, it was a BCS game. After watching him dominate the Fighting Irish, scouts probably wanted more film on him, and the more they saw, the more they loved it.

Who is the best RB with QB and WR combo on 1 team?

I agree! The NFL seems to have a fancy for one game wonders! He will probably revert to where he was before that game! Brady Quinn is the real deal and I believe the Browns got the steal of the draft!

What makes a good LB?

Thats what you get when your 6'5 250 with a cannon for an arm

Name me all the division winners NFC & AFC,??

I kind of thought the samething, but then went back and looked at videos of him and as well as his stats. He's all around good, and he will do well for us, the Raiders!

Should the Miami Dolphins have passed on Brady Quinn? If yes, why?

No, no, no. The Sugar Bowl just put him into the spotlight because he so outperformed Quinn. Russell was having a very good career at LSU, but the talk of Quinn overshadowed him. If not for that game, Russell may not have come out of college this year as a junior, but next year he would come out as a senior and you would have heard of him as being in a close race with Brian Brohm to be the top QB taken.

What do u think of Takeo Spikes?

I know. he wasn't even on the spotlight untill he threw like a 60 yarder on the run. he is good. very good. but still... never heard of him.
good pick by the Raiders though. he was the #1 QB

What is the NFL record for most forced fumbles by one player in one season? Who has this record?

I want some of whatever ya'll are smoking. One good game!
Are you watching college football or soccer. He's only had one "bad" game in 3 years at LSU. His 2 wide receivers also got picked in the first round. Geez, what does he have to do to impress you.

Will the N.Y. GIANTS, still give Brandon Jacobs, a chance to start, now that they have signed Reuben Droughns?

The guy had a 25-4 record as a starter in the SEC, has a rocket arm, good mobility, big size and is tough. He beat a lot of very good ball teams not to mention embarassed the over rated Brady Quinn on a national stage. This is the same Quinn, that before Weiss showed up, the South Bend folks wanted Quinn out of there. Russell will be a very good QB for a long while.

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