"Tampa Bay Buc's fans" Is Charles Grant worth acquiring from the saints?

Charles Grant has the franchise tag on him from New Orleans Saints. Is he worth what it's going to cost to get him?


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hell no

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although Charles Grant is a pimp, the franchise tag pays him as the top 5% of his position. plus he has a draft pick attatched to him if the Bucs wanted him and although the TB D line has been porous at best lately, this is possibly the worst idea ever. they should either draft alan branch with the 4th pick, but since that's a little too high, draft Calvin Johnson and take Tank Tyler in the second round. and make it so that all of the good players on your defense are 5 years younger.

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Not really because if we sign him to a offer sheet and the saint dont match it we will have to give them 2 first round picks and we would be a whole like we were when we got jon gruden. All Jon Gruden is doing is trying to save his job cause if he doesnt do better this year the Glazers are going to firer him

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How about ummm.no.

There are only about a handful of players in the NFL that would be worth the 2 1st round draft picks you would have to give up for some with a franchise tag. I'm thinking along the lines of a LaDanian Tomlinson, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Marvin Harrison..you get the drift?

I'd much rather wait it out in the next two drafts, take Calvin Johnson this year and still have a 1st round pick next year.

I would HOPE that Tampa Bay doesn't give up top picks to acquire Grant. I think the meeting with Grant tomorrow in Tampa is merely to shake the Saints cage. Tampa also just signed Kevin Carter last week, so I think it would be extremely ignorant on their part to do this. Especially with the potential to grab Calvin Johnson.

I'm hoping this is just a ploy.

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They would be cowards to lose 2 first round picks for a guy with a career high 10.5 sacks! For a guy like Freeny maybe, but Charles Grant, screw that! There is plenty of DE depth in this years draft to grab one in the 2nd round!AFTER WE GET CJ!!!!

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