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Question:Who should we draft with the #11 overall pick. We also have 8 picks in the first 4 rounds so who would you like to get.

1st rounders to consider- Adam Carriker, Okoye, Branch, Willis, Calvin Johnson (trade up)


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good idea with trading up for calvin johnson
the 9ers did the best around the league for free agency and still have a lot of cash for all those picks
johnson would make an immediate impact and they could use some of those picks to trade up for him
i think they will definatly make the playoffs this year

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I live in Denver so I can tell you Ashley Lelie is not the answer. They upgraded the secondary in the free agent market, but I'm still not happy with the pass rush. I'd say get a deep threat or pass rusher, which ever looks better when their pick comes up.

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Okeye or either Calvin Johnson. We need to get back to the top of the charts man. I love my boys ride or die but we've got to do better.

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For the first pick i would either go with Jamaal Anderson or Amobi Okoye, they could give the 49'ers a good D'Line and help them out alot the defensive side of the bal. However it would be nice if they could pick up someone like Dwayne Jarett or maybe even Ted Ginn Jr. on the offensive side. Either could make a good deep threat even though both have their downsides but they are still alot of raw talent and need to be shaped into a pro bowl WR. I would take whoever is left going in the order they appear in what i wrote.

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49ers should first try to trade up to the number 2 spot and switch with detroit since detroit wants to move out of that spot. We can offer them the 11th pick, second round pick, a third, and 2008 second and still have about 3 picks in the first four rounds. If not, I would like to see them get alan branch if he falls, very unlikely. Otherwise I would like to see okoye since he is only 19 and was a dominant force at the senior game. However, i think nolon is leaning towards carriker and willis because he likes high character, high motor type of people and okoye is too young for him.

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look guys, i would LOVE to get calvin johnson, but it would take our entire draft to get him. i looked at the chart that tells you how much each pick is worth numerically. it would literally take our entire draft and i dont think it is even enough to go to #2, i think we can get to #3 or 4 at best. and it doesnt mean cleveland or TB would trade with us anyway. remember the whole ricky williams thing? that will be us if we trade up. IMO the only options are stay where we are or trade down. with that said, and i will assume we stay at 11 i say we get the following if they are there:
Gaines Adams (likely gone before 11)
Jamal Anderson (likely gone before 11)
Adam Carriker
Amobi Okoye
LaRon Landry ( i know we signed lewis but he is too good to turn down after running a 4.3)

as for willis, 11 is too high for him. no WR is worth the 11th pick except CJ.

i DO NOT WANT ginn, he is so overrated, he is not devin hester, he is the next desmond howard. i DO NOT WANT jarrett, he is slow and is mostly a possession WR, think keyshawn johnson. the only WRs i would want are Meachem and Bowe (in 1st round). Rice in the 2nd. Jason Hill (SF native) in the 2nd or 3rd. Paul Williams (3rd or 4th)

with that said, we could trade down, hopefully with NE and get their 2 picks. with those 2 we can take either mechem or bowe and get willis too.

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I don't see them trading up, first of they don't have much to trade, second who really wants to give up a chance at the first 4 guys in russell, quinn, peterson, and johnson. Johnson would be great but not happening. I think they would go with Jarrett over Ginn, but I am also thinking they might draft a replacement for BY becasue he is old.

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i say calvin, we need a break out wide receiver, the closest thing we have currently is a running back with so so hands and a tight end who is also one of the best pass blockers. the main problem i see is the 9ers need to find a way to get mike singletary back as the defensive coordinator and if he demands it make him head coach. the guy got results out of a well below average defense and made them a little above average in just one year with almost no personnel changes. we should have done anything we could to keep him around. also we need to get bill walsh back or one of his protoge's. it is a system that works and worked for a long time.

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With the 11th pick in the draft the 49ers should choose either one of two great CBs in the draft. They should consider Aaron Ross of Texas, a tall athletic corner or Michigan's Leon Hall, who was highly productive in college. Either one of these guys will improve a secondary that was troubled by inconsistency. After the 1st round, the team should look at getting: 2nd rd - a dominant pass-rushing linebacker such as Brandon Siler, Florida, 6'2" 241lbs., or David Harris of Michigan, 6'2" 243lbs., both fit the bill. 3rd rd - a WR to compete with Antonio Bryant, who wasn't reliable last year. I would suggest either speedy (4.32 in 40) Jason Hill of Washington State or dependable Johnny Lee Higgins of UTEP. 4th rd - a TE to pair up with Vernon Davis. Possibly Matt Spaeth a 6'7" 270 pounder out of Minnesota. No matter who they get, you can bet they will fill some holes and make a good team better. Go '9ers!

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Since we improved our secondary I would say go with Branch.
Also pick up some quality receivers in the 2nd-3rd rounds as Ashley Lelie can't carry the WR load.
We could probably use some of those underrated LSU receivers and maybe Ginn who is very quick and has a great return game. Remember we lost that game vs. the loathed Rams because Battle had muffed the punt in a crucial possession.
We don't need any more secondary really, having 2 Pro Bowl corners and Michael Lewis who made a great pair with Dawkins back in Philly will make us top notch in the passing D.

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