Am i the only person who would like to see Chad Johnson and his brother Calvin play for the same team?

Not sure why there is not more talk about this. yes it is true projected #1 overall pick in the NFL draft WR Calvin Johnson is none other than the baby brother of ocho cinco. am i the only one who thinks they could be the greatest receiving tandem in history if they ended up on the same team. especially the bengels with carson tossing the ball their way.


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In a perfect Johnson family world then yes this would be a great tandem but for Bengals fans this is not what you want to happen. First of all, Johnson will not go number one (so that would give the Bengals a slight chance) but number two is a possibility and the Lions are taking trade proposals as we speak. He will not fall past the fourth pick and if Tampa wants him they better make a move because someone is going to trade up and get him at number two.
The reason that this would not be good for the Bengals is because their strength the last couple of years has been in the passing game. The Bengals are on the edge of being a contender in the AFC and with the Steelers and Ravens both coming back slightly weaker than the last couple of years should be the favorite in their division next year. The Bengals needs are in the defensive secondary and on the DL. They will most likely use their first pick on a top Cornerback or Safety and address OL and DL needs later in the first day of the draft. It would cost them way to much to trade up to the Lions pick and the return on the investment would not make them a Superbowl contender. Although they would be more explosive (which is hard to do when they consistently score more than 25 a game as it is) they would continue to be involved in shoot-outs that cost them 3-4 games a season. Calm down Cincy fan and root for your team to fix that Defense this off-season

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they arent brothers

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They arent brothers dipshit.

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They are not brothers. I do not know how you could write that. They may be related (this I am not sure of) but they are not brothers.

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WOW Ted Ginn?? Quinn where now?

They ain't brothers dipshit

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Brothers?! Nope.

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what the heck are you talking about? they aren't brothers. If you think they are, what is your source? how do you know that? i could answer the question better if knew where this was coming form. if they were on the same team it would be awesome. but only if they got rid of T.J. Housamanzada. plus he will never get drafted that low. and they wouldn't trade up that far for him. but nice thaught.

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They're not brothers and Wr is the last position the Bengals need to draft considering tehy have Chad,T.J and Henry.

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