2007 NCAA football national title?

Who do you think will be the top 5 next year and who do you think will be in the championship and what score?


I am starting to train to be a football punter..?

Florida will win

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My Predictions for the top five in no particuelar order are:
Cal (Lynch was overated and they have a good replacement in Forsett)

USC (Besides for their two recivers everyone's coming back, USC@Cal in Berkeley should be great)

Texas (very young team that I think will rebound well after last years dissapointment, with Oklahoma losing alot of people the Big 12 south will probally come down to Texas and Texas A&M)

Michigan (didn't lose hardly anybody, and they will be ready to come back after losing their last two games)

Clemson (A team that is young and played very well last year before blowing up at the end of the season, look for them to do well in the ACC)

I have no idea on the National Championship because you know that there is going to be someone that is going to come out of nowhere and shake things up.

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4-west virginia

Do u think Ted Ginn's leg will be fine b4 training camp and how do u think John Beck will do?

I think Florida, LSU, Ohio, USC, and Arkansas are all teams to watch out for. I would expect Texas will do better, and Wisconsin and Boise should still do quite well.

Does anybody know where ted ginn is going in the nfl?

1. Florida
2. USC
3. Michigan
4. Ohio State
5. LSU

IMO Michigan will win it. Hart, Henne and Manningham are gonna be a beast of an offense. And only 2 big names left their defense in Branch and Hall. All the other schools lost all their play makers: Troy Smith, Chris Leak, JaMarcus Russell and much more.

Who will win the 2007-2008 NCAAF Heisman Trophy?

I like

1. USC (John David Booty, a better recruit at running back and I am sure the receiver position will be reloaded, plus Carroll has one more year to get secondary playing like they should)
2. LSU (Sure JeMarcus Russell will be gone, but Les Miles will find a replacement and the defense will be good)
3. Louisville (if Brohm stays and does not decide to enter the NFL supplemental draft, if not, everybody moves up one space and Virginia Tech takes the fifth spot, Louisville will end up some where 6-10)
4. Texas (McCoy has a year under his belt, but they still lack the speed and skill position players to complement him)
5. Florida (Tebow will be a first time starter, but does have in game experience and the defense will lose some good players this April, but it still has good recruits and system)

As for the national champions- USC, I don't see anyone in the country with the level of talent on the bench and on the field that could match up, besides major conference power houses appear down in the ACC, Big 12, and Big Ten and don't think that the BCS will give non-BCS conferences a shot unless your name has the initials ND


1) USC
2) LSU
3) Florida
4) Michigan
5) Arkansas

I believe USC will beat LSU in the national championship 31 to 20

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Wisconsin Badgers
Ohio State

The top 5 Defense and the top 5 offense? and why?

1. USC ( a better John David Booty and a great Defense )
2. Florida ( great recruiting )
3. Texas ( great Offense )
4. Wisconsin ( returning players )
5. Arkansas ( Darren McFadden )

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