When did Troy Smith get drafted?

Question:Which Pick and Round, and Overall pick.



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5th round, 37th pick, 174 overall to the Baltimore Ravens

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i believe 5th round 174 overall but he should of been earlier

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He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens with the last pick in the 5th round, pick #174.

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5th round-pick 37 and overall pick-174 to the Ravens


37th and final pick of Round 5 - pick 174 overall - Baltimore Ravens

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5th round. no lie.

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Round five... Baltimore Ravens

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End of the 5th round by Baltimore.

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The Ravens picked him with the last pick of the 5th round. It's interesting because McNair is getting old and Boeller is in the last year of his contract so is Baltimore maybe hoping Smith pans out as their next starter at QB?

found this article today with ESPN's Len Pasquarelli talking about much what I just alluded to in more detail. So have a read...

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The last pick in the 5th round to Baltimore

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April 29th, 2007.

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Troy Smith (born July 20, 1984 in Columbus, Ohio) is a former starting quarterback for The Ohio State University football team from 2004-2006, and the winner of the 2006 Heisman Trophy. He was selected 174th in the 2007 NFL Draft in the 5th round by the Baltimore Ravens.


He got dfated by the Baltimore Ravens in the 5th round of the NFL draft.

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