'01-'02 Hurricanes vs. '04-'05 Trojans...?

Who Wins? What's the Score? Explain.


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It would have to be Miami. USC had bigger name stars, but Miami had a much better defense. Miami's offense was better than the Texas team that beat SC. Miami 31-21.

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trojans 55-44 offense is way to explosive for miami to even slow down

Do we even need to play out the season?

disagree, with the first answer. Trojans 27 Canes 24. The Canes of 02 are the only team that had the kind of speed and depth to keep pace with USC. But ultimately, special teams aka: Reggie Bush would be the difference maker.

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It would have been a close game. But ultimately, USC would have won. They had too much talent on both sides of the ball and their offense was unstoppable. Probably 31-26.

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Miami had Moss returning kicks who in college was every bid as good as Bush at returns. Miami should have won back to back and had it not been for the Luckeyes having Clarrette who oddly was not academically removed until AFTER the season even though his grades that posted before the game, McGahee blowing out his knee and the latest phantom pass interferance flag in the history of the world, had it taken any longer it would have hit Bryant Gumble as he was giving Coaker the trophey at mid field. Not sure who got paid more that season, Tressel, Clarrette or the field judge. Ohio State earned that title every bit as much as the 1972 USSR basketball team earned the gold medal. Give someone enought extra tries and it is bound to go differently. Thats OK, Ohio State has had that karma since then being beat soundly by Florida twice in 3 months for a title. Sold your souls for that one in '02

37-24 Miami.remember that same USC team was supposed to be better than Texas, Ohio State better than the Gators and the Sooners better than USC.

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USC would have walked away with it. 38-24.

USC had speed, depth, talent, and experience in that West Coast-Pro Style Offense. USC was averaging 40+ points per game that year. Matt Lienhart (Heisman), Reggie Bush (soon to be Heisman), Lyndell White (Had he staying in college) would have won the Heisman.

As a SC Fan and alumnist who has been attending Trojan games since I was a kid, I have never seen that much explosiveness until the 2004 & 2005 seasons.

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OSU 2002/2003
Ohio State would beat them both!!!

and wait for it Tommy Trojan, because in about 2 years or so, you'll get yours!!!

whhooooooo, go Bucks!

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