Anyone know where Michael Bush of Louisville is predicted to go in the NFL draft?

He spent what was supposed to be a Heisman worthy senior season with a broken leg. But, this guy is a solid tailback with good hands and has the ability to take on defenders.


Sean Taylor QUESTION!!!!?

From what i hear, Mike Bush may be drafted by the bills because they took a gamble on mcgahee. the team that drafts him is going to have to take a gamble on him because right now his leg isnt 100% and he has not worked out for anybody. If the Bills dont gamble on him in the first, rumor is bush could fall to the mid to late 2nd or even the 3rd round

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i think i've heard his name around the mid 2nd round

I heard a rumor the other day...?

I heard he was gay.

Does anyone think that the NFL Draft is completely overrated and overanalyzed?

He might go late first early second. More than likely the Bills will try for him if they can.

What do you think about the Joey Porter deal?

i would say 2nd or 3rd round, he's definitely a first day pick.

Personally, if for some reason the Browns decide to pass over Adrian Peterson with the 3rd pick (unless Joe Thomas is available), I'd love to see him go to Cleveland.

Who had the best draft?

I see him going 29th at best in the draft.

I'd like to know why the Detroit Lions are the best team in football?

Nearly 20 years ago, the Bills took another back who missed his senior year due to injury, and slid because of it. His name was Thurman Thomas, and Marv Levy was a part of that decision...

When i make a draft class on NCAAF 07 why wont alll of the guys go to the draft?

His stock has gone done cause he missed most of the season last year

Who is better Brain Dawkins Vs Sean Taylor?

my guess would be one of the NFL teams.

Best college football team ever?

green bay 2nd rd

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