Although Brady Quinn was the 22nd pick for the Browns is still going to have a chance?

But him being picked so low in the draft I heard one of the spectators say he just missed out on 20 million.So approx. what will he be offered?Or will he haf to prove himself?I personally thought everything that he had a flaw in could be corrected in practice.What do you think?


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Brady adressed the issue after the draft. Also, Quinn is going to have to compete for a starting job, unless they deal Charlie Frye away. Frye is bigger, stronger, and just as smart. But, he was the most hit quarterback last year, and he was injuered half the time. Kellen Winslow, Jr., said he was hit about 96 times, no exaggeration. Also, Winslow said that Frye is a good quarterback, he just needs a chance.

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We were having this same conversation on Saturday. Yes, your value goes down the longer you wait. When he wasn't picked in the first 6 I was shocked. I kept thinking, "what in the world". And when Miami passed him over, that was it for me.

yes, Brady is going to have to prove himself on the field (as if he hasn't done so) ~ and if he does just that, they will be fighting over him in time.

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It worked out great for everyone. By dropping to the 22nd pick Cleveland will sign him for about 1 third of what the Raiders will pay Russell. Leaving them with more money under the cap to sign free agents next year. You also need to look at this as the Browns signing next years first round pick 1 year early at a discount price. As for Quinn yes he will have to earn the job, But he will be competing against other young Quarterbacks still learning, and alot of pressure has been taken off him. Its a win win situation for everyone except Miami who passed him up :) GO TRIBE !

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I found this article on MSN/Fox Sports by Mike Tanier and he thinks Brady will be a Pro Bowler by 2009.

I've been a Brady fan for years so I'd really like to see him do well.

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He will definately make much less as the #22 pick compared to the #3 pick. I hope Charlie W. is right and the Browns have a big time quaterback on the team.

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I think you need to pay more attention in English class, especially to the grammar lessons.

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