Adrian Peterson?

Do you think he'll do well?


Joe Buck..Why?

This was an excellent pick and draft overall by the Vikings. Peterson comes into a situation in Minnesota where he does not have to be the feature back and get the bulk of the carries. He can be used the same way the saints use Reggie Bush. You also have to remember that the Vikings have tons of talent on the o-line they just need to play a bit better together. He will be the best back the vikes have had since Robert Smith .

Is it true that Lance Briggs wants to go to Carolina ?

I do. He was exceptional in college and I don't think this injury will play a major role in his career. This obviously led to him dropping a few spots in the draft and he was gotten for a cheap price by the Vikings. Look to Willis McGahee and the injury he recovered from to see what's possible- not that these two are the same, but good players generally recover from injuries, especially when they're young.

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RB Marshawn Lynch a PRO?!?

His health is the only real question. If he stays healthy he will be exceptional.

Will the Browns have a winning season?

its hard to say right now because hes injured and is expected to miss all of training camp so we will have to wait till preseason to see him in action

What NFL team is the best?

Adrian Peterson is the real deal!, doubt,..he will be KILLER!..Lol,..he's not a LB,..And the guy who said he may never play,..where did you get your info from?..His Dr. said,..It will heal with no problems,..he is young,..he will be fine!,..And if your a Vikings fan,and you didn't like this pick!,..put down the crack pipe! pick!..This time next year!!,..Too the people who dont like this pick,'ll be bragging up and down,how great your HB is!,...You'll be the same people saying,..I knew he was a great pick!!,..Obviously you didn't seen him play b4!!..GREAT PICK!..And this is coming from a die hard Saints fan!!..Better than Bush?,..Not at all!,..But,..2nd best player in the draft, I said twice already,...GREAT PICK!

Do you think the Bears should get David Carr?

Oh yeah.... he is good linebacker

Where can i get pink lsu shirts at?

they are saying that the vikings doctors are going to look at him to see if he needs surgery and that it may end his season before it started how do you draft someone that high if he may not play

Who should the KC Chiefs Pick in the first round?

As A Viking fan, horrible pick.
Rule #1 of NFL draft: There is never a sure-thing, and it's a crap shoot, pretty much after round 1, pick 3.
Rule #2: Injury-prone college players get destroyed in the NFL. Do look at Willie McGahee -- he has yet to live up to anywhere near where people expected him to play.
Or Ki-Jana Carter.
This guy didn't just have 1 injury, he has yet to complete a full season injury-free. The guy is a freak when healthy, and is probably a better overall talent than Reggie Bush.
However, potential is only good on paper. And as any Viking fan can attest to, this team has been excellent on paper for's time we actually compete on the field.

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