2 football questions?

Question:1 who drafted dwayne jarret of usc
2 are the reciver andre johnson of the texans i think and joe johnson of the hawks brothers im not satin that cuz of the last name cause there are a billion johnsons but they look exactly alike


GM of your team?

panthers drafted jarrett so keyshawn can mentor him and the johnsons are not brothers

The titans are coming back, any thoughts?

Carolina Panthers

And Im not certain about that but im thinking no... The only NFL/NBA Brothers I know are Kevin Burleson NBDL league was with the Sonics and Nate Burleson..

Who thinks jake sharp from the kansas jayhawks is a beast on the field?

Jarret was drafted 45th by Carolina Panthers.

Why do football players condition?

1. Carolina Panthers
2. Not related

How do u get ur boyfriend to good?

#1: Carolina Panthers

#2: Hell if I know. I've found the 2 names, but there are 10 years difference in their ages, according to nfl.com


Poll.. Which NFL team has the most arrogant fans?

1. Carolina in the second round
2. They aren't brothers but possibly related (with the millions of johnsons, Keyshawn & Chad Johnson are distant cousins)

In YOUR opinion,who is the best underrated..?

carolina panthers drafted jarrett.

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