American Football.rubbish!?

i went to watch the english version of american football the other day and i can honestly say that it will be the last game that i go to see. Can people explain to me what the hype is all about when it is just so boring. It lasts about 3 hours, there is no flow to the game and there is no excitement.


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The "english version"? You must be talking about NFL Europe, which frankly, sucks.

Frankly, I'd rather watch College Football. It's much are crazier (need to go to Florida-Georgia, or OSU-Michigan...well actually any big time school), games are wilder. Hard hits, interceptions, upsets, fans, cheerleaders.God I miss being in Gainesville!

I do agree the NFL can sometimes be boring, though. Albeit not as boring as 0-0 ties. And yes, I've watched soccer.

But don't judge the NFL or even College Football by what you see in NFL Europe. It's like Americans judging the World Cup by watching junior soccer teams.

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If you want to see American football, watch American football, not the English version. There is flow to the game, if you understand the rules. As for excitement, I guess it's all what you like. I know people who watch Cricket, which I think is the dumbest game ever invented!

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I'm not a fan of Football either (i'm an American) but it's just a game some people enjoy whether others enjoy it or not. Same question or statement could be made about Italian soccer or British Rugby games. If you don't like it, then don't go see it. Just because you see it as rubbish, doesn't mean others see it the same way as you do.

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you must be watching nfl europa, which to me seems like high school football

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I also Don't like football whether it be those over priced drug using rapists that we have here in America, or your English version where every 2 minutes a player is rolling around on the ground grabbing his knee until his team gets the ball back then he jumps up and runs like the wind. hoping a goal may be scored in the 90 minutes of boredom that game painfully creates. But to each his own perhaps you should learn that eh?

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Please, stop watching. You obviously do not understand the game whatsoever, it is much more complex than soccer. Your brain probably cannot handle it. Just leave the game to us Americans, you can play soccer with all of the other English Homosexuals. Put on your pretty pink uniforms and kiss each other. Our football is the most difficult game to play, and that is why only Americans are any good at it. Take the Olympics for example. When is the last time England lead in medals... NEVER! Your country sucks, so get off this board and go be gay with Beckham, Ronaldinho and all of the other little tiny men. Leave athleticism to us while you go play your skill sport.

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well, i can image, watching you guys play our sport would be like watching little chinise people play basketball.

football is seriosly the best sport in the world, it doesn´t bother me that the rest of the world doesn´t understand it.

there´s lots of rules, i suppose it can be slow at times, (not nearly as slow as soccer most of the time) but the best part is, that everyone can play...

you don´t have to be fast and small, (like soccer) you can be big and slow, short and fat, tall and fast, you can even be european, it doesn´t matter. (a lot of kickers are from europe)

you know you can´t say the same about any of your sports... and! there is no best player in football, because there are so many different positions, you can only have best players at that position,

its sad for ya´ll though, did you know, there´s going to be an NFL match in england this year... too bad its the too shíttiest teams in the league...

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Come to America and watch it or if that wont work go to an NFL Europa game. And one more thing.Soccer...rubbish!?

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Try going to a real American football game at a time of the month when you are not experiencing such painful menstrual cramps, you might just love it.

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I don't like cricket. Do you see me post on the cricket board? Gee, you are pathetic eurotrash.

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Der, that's your problem dude. You went to see the ENGLISH version. If you want really, manly football, come over to America, and watch some High School games, NCAA and NFL.

Why do we like it. It is THE American sport. We love to see the excitment in football. Hanging with family, the stratagy of the game, the speed, and excitement in the air, when there is an OT game. It's the newest sport of the century. You need to watch a good game, the english version is not, well exciting, I'm not dissing them, but our versions better.

If you ask me that, why do we like basketball, baseball and soccer. We all have our needs and wants and people may like boxing better than football, but football has nasty hits, and you can truck over someone full speed, knock them out, juke the crap out of someone. It's a fun game, watch a good college game, or high school game, it's very exciting, more points and lots more competition.

It's ranting I know, but hey, it's football.

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