Who's on the cover of the madden 08 game?


Out of all the draft picks, who do you think will emerge as Rookie of the Year?

Vince Young

How many people are really offended by Imus?

That would be Vince Young

Should Trent Green stay with the chiefs or move on?

Vince young.

Does the Madden football curse exists?

Vince Young

Michael Vick?

Vince Young.

Who is the biggest draft bust in the Matt Millen Era for the Detroit Lions?

Vince young

How good do you think the Dolphins will play this year, even with all the players they lost?

I don't know they're thinking about putting REGGIE BUSH or DREW BREESE.

Trying out for girls football...?

Vinny Young.

In terms of winning the Super Bowl, how important is the two RB system nowadays?


What do i need to do to be a good linemen?

depends on when you bought. yes Vince Young is on the cover, but if you bought the release that came out before the SB then you got Rex Grossman in that the curse will remain alive

What is a good 40 yard dash time for a 14 year old heading inot hihgschool trying to play wide reciver?

Vince Young somehow?

Can someone explain the draft pick to me?

Vince Young

Do the?

Vince Young.

As for the cover changes...huh? I thought it was always Young.

Either way.sorry for Young or whoever -- get the orthopedic surgeon on speed dial, buddy.

Rate this 1 round Mock Draft?

Well, better Vince Young then Carson Palmer or Chad Johnson. That means the Bengals will be able to compete. Sorry Titan Fans.

Will Calvin Johnson be the next Mike Williams, god knows I hope not, but what do you think??


How much is a 1934 football reprint card worth? Any of them.?

Vincent Paul Young, Jr.

Is bret farve a top 20 quarterback? if so name 19 others that are better than him?

vince young qb of the tenneessee titans is on the cover of madden 08 and its due out on august 14th 2007.

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