5'7 and a half and 150 good enough as a sophomore for football?

Question:Im 16..5"7 1/2 and weigh 150-155 i have a weird matabolism and it shifts from 150-157 like crazy.. just thinking what would be a good position to play..i have a 32" veritcal and im pretty quick and know my 40 is around 4.8-5.1..
So whats a good position to play? and wondering if i will grow also? my brothers 6 foot, and my dads like 5'8 and my moms like 5'7 also.


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To answer your question in one phrase, yes, you can play football. The image that is in everyone's mind regarding football players is a huge, bulging, monstrosity of a man. Although this may be true with a lineman, this usually does not describe the players in the skill positions. It is good to have a tall quarterback, especially in a passing offense, but your typical running back is about your height. Even in the NFL the average height for running backs, wide receivers, corner backs and safeties is less than 6 feet tall. One of the top receivers in the NFL, Steven Smith, is not much taller than you.

I know that you don't remember him, but back in my day there was a corner back who played for the Washington Redskins named Pat Fischer. He was 5'6" and weighed 135 lbs. Yes, he was a starter and yes, he was a pro bowler. Size isn't as big an issue as what you do with it. Football is a game of heart. If you want to play bad enough you will work to make yourself as good as you can be. A good conditioning program can make you whatever you want to be.

I went to college with a fellow named Terry Long. Terry was 5'11" tall, which is pretty small for a defensive lineman. What Terry did was work with what the Lord gave him. By the time Terry was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers he was benching 500 lbs! Needless to say, he won the NFL Strongest Man contest many times.

In closing, it doesn't matter if you grow any more or not. While growing taller may open some opportunities, it may close out others. Whether or not you're good enough to play football as a sophomore is up to you. If you can go to tryouts and rock some jocks I think that you will answer your own question. I don't know if you have a workout regimen or not. If you don't I would suggest that you start a well-balanced weight training program. I also recommend that you do some endurance training, like jogging and wind sprints. That 4.8 to 5.1 in the 40 is a little on the slow side so don't forget to work those calves and thighs!

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I'd play you. Linebacker depending on how well you tackle. You've still got plenty of gowing to do.

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Defensively, corner or safety would be good. Offensively, tailback, or wide receiver to utilize your speed.

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you are too short to play wr, so i would play corner back if i were you: your fast, smaller, and can jump

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You would probably be best suited for a Free Safety position, it doesnt require blazing speed and your quickness would greatly help. Since your still a sophmore i would highly recommend going to at least 1 speed camp and try to get your 40 time down in the 4.6-4.7 range which is very possible. If you could get to be faster than that and you have decent hands you could make a good CB. As for making varsity you have alot of growing to do and if you worked hard enough you could possibly make it this year, if not then i would definatly say you will make it next year.

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I played competitive football thru Varsity in high school. I was never bigger than 5'9, 155lbs until I joined the Army 4 years later. I played offensive and defensive line until my sophomore year. After that our team had too many mooses to play line so I moved to OLB and RB. If you are fast enough, and have good enough vision, you could play WR or DB.
Looking at your family, I am going to guess you will gain in height. If you work the weights you could bulk up.

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My question to you is what position do you play ? or have you ever played before?

Your vertical is not bad, but what is concerning is your time in the 40. A 4.8 and a 5.1 are almost at two extreme's. If you have a true 4.8 40 time it is much easier to shave it down to a good 4.6. But when you get into that 5.1+ area you start getting into linemen speed.

Chances are you will grow, but who knows really. You need to work on your speed and core lifts. Because of your size and frame I would say try to play receiver or running back (if you can improve your 40) or maybe a DB.

moral of the story work on that speed.

good luck

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As a sophomore your size is average for most positions. It really depends on the size and depth of your school and what types of players are available. You should have no problem making the team and have the next three years to really hit your growth spurt. You should grow at least another 3-4" but expect the same as your brother in peak size (although i am 5'10", my dad is 5'11", my mom is 5'6", my youngest brother is 21 and 5'8", and my middle brother is 25 and 6'3", so it is possible you may exceed all)
Just continue to practice and lift weights and you should have no problem playing any position you want the next couple of years ---You do have an outstanding vertical for your size and a decent 40 for your age(My high school team went to the state championship in 1996 and we had two WR with 4.9-5.1 40-yd dash range)

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