Alternate NFL Helmets...Why OK in Dallas and S.D. but not in Seattle?

When the Seahawks switched to their new unis a few years ago, the NFL would not allow them to use different helmets during the year (they wanted to wear the new blue at home and the "old" silver away if I recall.). Now I see Dallas with their ridiculous "white" helmets and now S.D. can wear white or powder blue it seems (I may be wrong on S.D.). Anyone know why this is (aside from the obvious $$$ part)?


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When Dallas and SD wear their alternate helmets, they are wearing throwback uniforms. The NFL allows the use of throwback uniforms for somthing like two home games per year. If Seattle wanted to wear the entire uniform (jersey, pants, cleats) that went with the old silver helmets, it would probably be allowed, but the NFL will not allow them to change just their helmet.

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The first answer is correct. They are throw back uniforms, which means they switch their entire outfit, you can't just switch the helmet. Dallas wears the white on Thanksgiving cuz it's a long tradition.

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The first answer is correct. They are throw back uniforms,

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