Any tips for running the 40 yard dash?


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Once you fire out of your stance focus on a point directly infront of you passed the finish line. This will keep you in a straight line. Try not to run flat footed, or on your tiptoes. Run on the balls of your feet.

If you want to increase your speed dramaticlly over summer, e-mail me and I will get you my lifting and agility program I use for my football team.

If not a good way to increase speed is to do hill work. Downhill sprints stregthen your fast twitch muscles.

Fast Twitch Muscles control short, forceful busts of energy that are important to every position on the Football field. The two keys to focus on while conditioning Fast Twitch Muscles are the landing and the counter action. Take Jump Rope for example, when landing from a single jump you instantly counter act the landing by jumping again. Those two actions are critical to focus on while training Fast Twitch Muscles. It is imperative that you properly stretch and warm up your muscles before preforming Fast Twitch Muscle exercises.

Up hill sprints will build muscle and power, also helpful for your 40 time.

I suggest you start by stretching out. Really get a good stretch before running. If your muscles are tigh, you lose speed. It's that simple. Run 10 down hill sprints. Now I'm not saying run down the face of a mountian. You want a gradual incline about 20 yards or so. Be sure you have plenty of room to slow down and stop. Uphill sprints you can use the same hill or if there is a steeper one around use that.

I have all kinds of plyometric, agility, and weight training exercises, if you are interested e-mail me.

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Be fast.

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Make sure you run in a straight line and keep your arms and elbows locked in to your side. Dont let them sway, just up and down in a fluent motion.

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Practice with weights and in the sand.

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just keep practicing. run and run and run.

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on short yard sprints, many run on the toes and or balls of the feet and not the heel, it takes a faction of time more to set your foot down, and another to pick it back up.

you would have to practice at it be for a race, and see if your are comfortable doing it. not everyone can do it.

It is also more likely to cause an injury then normal, such as stress farture or shin splints.

good luck.

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keep your arms to your side and pump them forward and back without letting them go outwards, it's all about technique and strength

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go to and buy a parachute.
last year my fastest 40 was a 5.2 and this year I'm down to a 4.6

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i will give you the advice that calvin johnson got. length of strides and frequency/quickness of how you get your feet down.see you want long strides and quick makes you extremely fast like calvin johnson. i learned that from watch the draft.

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pump those arms!!!!!!!!!!...

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run on your toes,
make big strides

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