Anyone Surprised?

Reports coming out of Cleveland Browns camp is that Brady Quinn looked "rusty" in his first practices with the team. He was thought by some to be the top overall pick in the draft, but reports said he could hardly throw a spiral. This might the the worst but most overrated group of QBs to come into the NFL in a long time. Theres a reason why Quinn dropped so far and so many teams passed on him. Hes just a very average QB on whats going to be one of the worst teams in the league.


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personally i don't think he got it done at ND. He never showed up in the big games and i never understood the hype. If cleveland hadn't picked him 22 i think he might not have gotten picked until the 2nd rd. theres a reason he was picked that far down, all those nfl scouts knew something the media didn't.

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I am not surprised at all!

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Nope not surprised

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Well Vince Young didnt start so goood. Think about this ... Norte Dame. Thats a tough program. Surprise is Troy Smith a Heismen going i believe 4th? or was it 6th? It's just the first day. And you forget some other quotes.

"You can see that most of the balls were going to No. 18," Crennel said. "It didn't take (Quinn) long to figure out that he was the one with some experience. So that's a good thing."

So there you have it. Maybe he'll sit for a year or how ever long and will adapt to the team.

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How will the 49ers do next year? I say 10-6 and good playoff success. Thoughts?

Give him a break! He hasnt thrown a football in a few months, he is very nervous being a rookie in the NFL, give him a few weeks to settle down before you start putting him down.

The state of big ben?

This is the off season. Lets see him play before we pass judgment.

What players 7 of any era would best fill the offensive specialties positions?

well, he's a solid QB who'll do fine. Matt Leinart and Aaron Rodgers also much lower than expected. This doesn't mean that they're merely average QB's. His drop is all based on team needs. Teams after the Browns really didn't need a QB.

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Yeah, while a guy that slipped all the way to the end of the 5th round seems to have looked pretty good in his first work out.
"Most of his passes were on target; some were not"

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Nope not surprised. Who cares if a guy plays good against the Service Academies. West Point doesn't recruit for a Football Program. Neither do the rest, just can't think of their school's names. They recruit for a more important reason. Hey I'll give credit to Brady if he graduated from Notre Dame with a real Degree. Notre Dame does have tough academics. I agree though that means NOTHING about who they play. I think they should join the Big East(like their basketball program) and if the Big East is as weak as everyone tries to say then Notre Dame would have no problems against them.

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