Anyone giving WI a shot at the big 10 title?

OH ST lost too much to contend.MI (under CARR) always finds a way to blow what about WI? they have a great returning team. yes they have a couple holes, but who doesnt? (besides USC, LSU and FL)


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I dont see why anyone is not giving them a shot, yeah Wisconsin finished up nicely last season with a huge win in the Capital One bowl over the SEC's Arkansas. And yes Ohio State lost a lot of players but the year before this year they lost 9 starters on defense and there defense played great all season (w/ 1 exception) so you cant count the Buckeyes out just yet, as for Michigan they return strong next year even though Chad Henne hasnt won a single big game at Michigan so this is a wide open year for Wisconsin to compete for the Big 10(11) title but watch out for Penn State, they had an off year but as we have seen two years ago they can come from no-where and be great.

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what ?

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First of all, OSU did not lose too much to contend. They had one of the best defenses in the league last year and they were all freshmen and sophomores. They won a National Championship a couple years back with a similar defense. Secondly, Carr loves to blow all his big games. The Rose Bowl might never let UM play in the game anymore thanks to Carr's sorry record there. That does pretty much leave Wisconsin as a tough contender for the title. Penn St. had there glory year 2 years ago and it takes Paterno too long to build up his teams anymore. Northwestern...well, they're Northwestern, heh, so they don't count. MSU lost the best thing they had on offense with Stanton, Minnesota could be tough but I doubt they'll do much, Indiana's still more focused on their basketball program than their football and Illinois just doesn't have what it takes to compete with OSU, UM and Wisconsin. That just leaves Purdue and Iowa and they, too could be pretty descent this year, but I'd say it's going to be Ohio State, Wisconsin and Michigan fighting it out with 1 or 2 loses while everyone else gets hit with 3 or more loses.

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I'm giving them a shot. Michigan and OSU will still be tough and the teams to beat. But Beliema is an awesome coach, I didn't expect them to do what they did last year. So I'll say they do have a shot. But they have a lot of holes to fill.

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its pretty open yet. dont count out Ohio State, they spend a lot more on bringing in athletes around the country than Wisconsin. Michigan can win the Big 10 Conference having a lot of returning offensive starters, but they wont win their bowl game. Wisconsin has a lot of returning players, so yes they do have a shot. you can never count out the badgers as they compete year in and year out. Its really gonna come to the end of the year when WI plays Ohio State that will determine the winner of the conference.

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Well Wisconsin is always there with the big shots of the Big Ten

I dont think this is the year they make their run though, Michigan has Chad Henne and Mike Hart both coming back

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I am, but then again I live in Madison so take that how you want. In all reality though they have a pretty good shot. They return a good amount of last years starters. The only question I really have is QB. I think John Stocco had a lot to do with the success of that offense so it remains to be seen if Tyler Donovon or Allen Everidge can step up. Donovon looked good in fill in action last year while Everidge looked decent before transferring from K-State and from what I heard is really pushing Donovon this spring. We'll see though, they looked really good against Arkansas and for the first half against Michigan so if that translates to this year they should be in pretty good position.

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they have a shot but will not be winners.wisconsin is a 2nd best good kind of team.always a contender but not quite good enough for a national titile

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