49ers superbowl?


What is the most embarassing draft pick your favorite team has ever made?

oo ur only about 20 years late buddy

Which city would you like to see be the host of Super Bowl XLV in 2011?

yes 49ers will go to the super bowl all they gotta do is play smart and make sure they dont mess up wen they get into the play offs then its all smooth sailing. i really think they can make it

Can anyone please tell me what the offical nickname of lsu is. i sya its the bayu bengal tigers. what bout it?

Smart money is on the Jets who picked up all the players they needed.

And, I'm a Patriot's fan.

Barry Sanders?

No. I think we're overdue for yet another yawner featuring the patriots and whoever they can beat by a field goal.

Prolly Dallas or chicago.

Who are the top 5 returning Quaterbacks in college football?


Troy Smith won the Heisman award, yet he wasn't drafted? What happenened?


Can the BENGALS make a play off push this year?

Making the playoffs would be the great step forward. Coach Nolan has the club headed in the right direction, but he needs another season or two to truly have them poised for a title run. The suffering 49er fan should have a lot to celebrate over the next several seasons.

Who has won the most College Football National Championships??

ask this question again in 4-5 years then i will say maybe.
this year they have no shot.

What football team do you like better New Orleons Saints or the Oakland Raiders?

49ers superbowl not in 2007..

Upcoming Irish seasons?? Should they be good?

Probly in about a FEW YEARS or so. We're gettin much better on both sides of the ball. Hell, we're already playoff-legit.

Football helmet?

I like the way they are building, but they are not a Super Bowl caliber team, IMO. Maybe in two years, if they add another weapon on offense on top of Vern and Frank Gore. They still need a few more pieces to the puzzle, but I like their team and they have a great chance to make the playoffs.

Go Bills

Who Will Be The #1 NFL Draft Pick ?

49ers will be in the playoffs but it will be Carolina and the Philly in the NFC Championship. All three teams had great drafts but Carolina and Philly already had more to work with before the draft. Steve Smith will be healthy and he will finally have a great number 2 WR to play with.

Who else thinks if the Patriots sign Stallworth they will be front runners with San Diego next season.?

the niners have a chance to win the division but thats all. they cant hang with the bears,giants,cowboys,eagles,ne... orleans and the panthers

Will Notre Dame fire Charlie Weis if Notre dame only wins 6 games this season?

49er fan here.....but lets be realistic. The NFC is weak compared to the AFC (Now) so provided we make the playoffs (Which I think we should) I still don't think we will have time to gel enough. Plus I don't want us messin up our 5-0 status in the SB. Once our team gets a playoff game under their belts again......it's on! 49 in 09! Has a nice RING to it!

Im 6 foot 270 what postion on the line should i play.?

No SB for SF. Losing Norv Turner as the O coordinator will hurt. Gore is a good RB but he was relied on way to much last year, he'll wear out if that is the case again. SF is improving but still a couple years away from being a serious SB contender in the weak NFC.

2008 Fiesta Bowl?

No Right Now But If I See Some Good things From Alex Smith This Year Yes

Will Steve Mcnair be a Hall of Famer?

I don't know. In the NFC we have a shot, but let's just take it one game at a time. First, we win the NFC west. That means we worry about the Rams, most likely. Once we have that in the bag, we go on to worry about New Orleans, Philly, and (gulp) who knows? Maybe even New England.

But we can hang with anyone in the NFC this year, just watch.


A wierd football card anyone know?

I am not a 49ers fan so I am not really up to date on the team. So, to answer this question I went and looked at the depth chart and was shocked at the amount of talent on this team. With Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Darrell Jackson, Ashley Lelie, and a good offensive line, I think the offense is in place. On defense the addition of Nate Clements and Patrick Willis makes a huge impact. If Willis can have the impact of other rookies such as Demeco Ryans this year and Demarcus Ware last year this defense has a chance of being fantastic. Players such as Bryant Young, Tully Banta-Cain, Walt Harris, and Michael Lewis provide a perfect blend of veterans with the young guys. The only questionable position is at Nose Tackle. Is Ronald Fields the answer?

If Alex Smith continues to mature and Frank Gore stays healthy, there is no reason this team can't make the playoffs. If they make it to the playoffs, anything is possible. I like what the Niners are doing. I think they have as good a chance as any team of making it to the Super Bowl and I now think they are the team to beat in the NFC West.

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