All right I’m ready for the NFL to start, so what rookie will have the biggest impact for their team?


Who should the steelers pick in the draft? and who is the who is the new coach?

Calvin Johnson will have the greates impact. Just look at what Marques Colston did for the saints last year when he wasn't injured at tight end. The lions are in a weaker division and Calvin Johnson is 5x better than Colston. He has massive hops and runs a 4.35 40.

Who is going to win the Big East in football in '07?

Calvin Johnson - Detroit, will catch at least 75 passes for 1200 yards and 6 TDs

Iowa's bowl game in 1983?

marshawn lynch to the buffalo bills. First day starter behind a decent o-line, should be very successfull

Boise State University MOVIE?

patrick willis with 49ers or adrian peterson with the vikings

What is the best game of the year?

Patrick Willis - ILB, 49ers. He is a tremendous player, displays exceptional character, and is a tremendous leader and team player. He is the guy you build a defense around.

Is elisha cuthbert a texas longhorn fan?

Brady quinn
they wont win a game this year

What NFL player or players lost the most Super Bowls?

I think Craig Davis in San Diego will have a big season if he's as good as he's supposed to be. All that offense was missing last year was a stand out WR...actually, all that TEAM was missing last year was a stand out WR. Philip Rivers can carry that team with LT if he has better targets to throw to. Yeah, New England got all these great new players and I think they're the favorites...but Davis in this offense should give them the push they need to have another outstanding season (Yeah I said it...Calvin Johnson wont have that big of an impact in Detroit)

Now, there is another guy I think will change a team, Levi Brown in Arizona. That offensive line is awful, and with him on the team, James might be able to run, Leinart might be able to find more open receivers, that could be what they need to finally have a winning season.but I still have no faith in them after the past two seasons of hopefullness for them...

Still my answer is Craig Davis

How will the st louis rams do?

It could very well be A.Peterson with the Vik's. If the reports are true about his injury and it heals on it's own, he could be a dominant force to deal with. Playing the Packers and my Lions 2 times will only help him. If you are talking more long term effects, then I might have to go with one of the O-linemen. They seem to have a longer shelf life than most position player. They only question would be, if they will stay with the teams that drafted them. But the big two could have potential great careers and change the face of both of their respective teams.

Rumor has it that the Raiders are going to change there team colors to black to a bluish silver?

it'll be either Russell or Quinn, but who knows if it will be a positive or negative impact.

How do you think the Seminoles wil do this year with all the new additions they made in their coaching staff?

the patrick willis answers are ridiculous, agree with adrian peterson, outside chance with jamarcus, easy choice is calvin johnson. adrian could get hurt, and jamarcus is on the raiders-so calvin is safe choice

What is Michael Irvin going to be doing this year after being dismissed from ESPN?

Adrian Peterson. He will probably get most of the carries and probably will get over 1000 yards.

How many touchdowns will Dante Hall return for the Rams.?

i'll say jamarcus russell, for the obvious reason that qb is the most important position on the field, and easiest to judge progress and impact also. whether it will a positive or negative impact is debatable, but i don't think there's any doubt he's better than who they started last year...any progress would be considered good.

No Spiking!?

J.Russell and C.Jhonson

Which NFL team will be most improved?

Gotta go with Marshawn Lynch
He is an animal
And with the new and improved o-line marshawn should have an excellent 1st year

What do you think the Jacksonville jags record gonna be?

Either Brady Quinn for the Browns, Calvin Johnson for the Lions, Adrian Peterson for the Vikings, or Ted Ginn for the Dolphins.

How to make quick and easy money?

I think Patrick Willis is the "Next One" at linebacker. Fast strong explosive, in the mold of Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher, Shawne Merriman.

Weightlifting for a 13 year old?

Marshawn Lynch.. there is no question about that.


Calvin Johnson is gonna be awesome in detroit with martz working his magic

What do you think of Devin Hester??

Greg Olsen, TE for the Bears. Part of the Bears offensive problems has been a lack of options to throw to. Olsen should be causing havoc for defenses accustomed to ignoring the Bear TE's for years, and his speed makes him a deep threat.

Where can i get pink lsu shirts at?

Marshawn Lynch has great talent. He could have a great rookie season for the Bills.

40 yard dash ??

Ginn Jr. from Ohio State will add that much needed deep threat to the Miami Dolphins. This is a team that in the past couple seasons, have relied on Marty Booker who has played very well, yet he has not played a full season in at least the past two (due to injuries), and also Chris Chambers who is a good receiver one week and not the next (very inconsistent). If the Dolphins end up with Trent Green and/or Daunte Culpepper stays healthy, Then Ginn will become a household name by the end of the year. He is the fastest player (during game, not in 40 times) to come out of the draft this year. If Miami's QB can get him the ball, exciting things will happen in Miami, just as they did at Ohio State.
In a couple of seasons, I believe Miami's second pick, Josh Beck will show a large impact. It's to soon to start him now, but after a couple seasons of learning, look out. This guy broke college records at BYU that were once held by Jim McMahon, Ty Detmer, and Steve Young.

How do you think Cleveland Browns offseason is going and what/who do they need to pick up during the draft?

both greenbay runningbacks together

Which of these 2 players would you have on your team?

Adrian Peterson for the Vikings, he and Chester Taylor are gonna create one of the best rushing games in the NFL, at least thats what i think.

Playoff in college football?

Cleveland new QB - last years scores could only improve?!

I need help from my fellow football section users?

I believe it will either be Marshawn Lynch, (having a running back that actually comes to play should help Buffalo tremendously) Leon Hall or if the Dolphins are actually smart enough to play him John Beck. I don't disagree that both Calvin Johnson and Jamarcus Russell should put up good numbers but I don't think it will make a bit of difference for either team ( well o.k maybe Oakland could get up to 5 or 6 wins) Detroit was in the top part of the league in offense last year and Johnson isn't going to make their defense any less porous.

Madden NFL 2008?

Brady Quinn . The Browns sucked last season , and i think that he will be good for about 4 or 5 wins this coming season , once he starts . All the teams that let him slip down the draft board , will kick themselves big time , because he has Hall Of Fame ability !!

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