Anyone tired of hearing about Rex Grossman?


Collage football the best??/?

Rex? Isn't that Vick's Brother? I figured " suck " ran through both their veins,maybe they were brothers!

What is the high shool record for the longest pass in football?

Yeah they should cut himfrom the team and find a real QB.

What is a good weight height and 40 time for a freshman highscholl cornerback?

No, I haven't heard about him since the Super Bowl.

What are the top football high schools in New YOrk?

Actually haven't heard any mention of him since his disastrous Superbowl performance.

Where do i go to find Emmit Smiths web site?

Yeah cause he's all the talk now.....

How good do you think Jay Cutler will be?


besides those awful performances in the later weeks, he did make it all the way with the Bears...too bad he didn't do well in the Super Bowl...

I say drop him to second string...

Do you think Denver gave up too much to move up just 4 picks?

In my mind, Rex was the superbowl MVP.

Go Colts!

Do you eric Moulds will return to buffalo bills this year?

they should release him then let Chris Leak start

Did Adrian Peterson from OU get drafted into the NFL this weekend?

ya, even though i havent heard about him much since the Super Bowl, he is the only person they talked about like all last season.. i would put him at like 2nd or 3rd string. he sucks

Will Paul Posluzny and Griffin bust?

I wish he would be demoted to 3rd string. Brian Griese should be starting ! Lovie you need to see a psychatrist.

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