Anyone Remember Troy Smith?

Question:Anyone remember that Troy Smith threw for 35 YARDS against FLA, and his team got snuffed by an identical score, yet he was healthy, had a better running game, better receivers and better health than Quinn did (who hurt his leg against USC on a 50 yard run, something that Smith never did during the season either, btw)? And somehow the fact that Quinn is bigger, stronger, faster, taller, has a better arm and his actually a bit more mobile in some cases still does not dissuade people from the view that Brady was actually better than Troy?

The fact that Smith was the 174th pick is more indicative of how the scouts really felt about his talent level as opposed to how Quinn slipped due to the stupid pick of one team. I won't say that the Vikes who took Peterson or the Browns who tooked Thomas were dumb since they picked impact guys but an impact QB is what the Fins needed for the future and apparently that future is in the hands of John Beck (talk about inflating your stats!)


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Troy who?

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yeah i remember him! and we will just see how it turns out...i have always thought brady quinn was over rated..troy just needs the chance and he will do great..not that i am biased or anything! :-)

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Quinn is a great athlete and he did make ONE good play in that game against USC...but did you forget his career record against USC? did you forget his career record in bowl games? thats why he slipped...

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Troy Smith sucked against the Gators cause his O-line didn't show up, not because he is a bad player.

Brady Quinn, on the other hand, had all the time in the world against LSU and was still just awful.

It's no wonder many people think that Troy Smith is better than Brady, cause he is.

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What does this question have to do with Troy Smith? What the hell is your question anyway? Yes I remember him if that's what you really want to know.

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Earl Everett sure does.

I think Smith will drop to a fetal position and suck his thumb whenever Baltimore plays Cincy, and he sees Everett across the line *laughing* some point...Earl is STILL sacking Troy Smith.

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"Cinemaparadiso1989" has stong points, but I don't think that Brady is not horrible.
Just to add, Quinn played well in college, but only against mediocre teams (weak conference too). Against elite teams, he was poor... not to mention, he had the same coach that TOM BRADY had when Patriots won those superbowls.
On the other hand, Troy played in a much tougher conference against better teams and did pretty good/sometimes great throughout the entire season. Baltimore Ravens didn't have to draft him, but they saw some good qualities in him.
IMO, Brady Quinn would have slipped lower if Cleveland didn't make a deal to draft him... The Browns headcoach and Charlie Weis (Notre Dames' head coach) coached together for the Patriots during their superbowl runs... Romeo picked him because it had something to do (mostly) with his ties with Charlie and less to do with Quinn's overall talent.
With all that being said, I feel that Brady will be just fine and so will Troy in the next level (with good tutoring), but IMHO, Neither of the two will ever be great!

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They both will be nothing better than a backup QB in the NFL.

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well, good luck with that.

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Wow, he certainly fell off the face of the earth!!

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ya, but troy went to the ravens and will get his shot

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Do you realize that Beck broke the records at BYU that were one time held by guys named Steve Young, Jim McMahon, and Ty Detmer. How many Super Bowl rings do they have? I think Miami passed on Quinn just because they knew that there would still be a quality quarterback to pick in the second round. Beck was still there along with Troy Smith and Drew Henson. I think this years Q.B. class was a good one compared to the last couple years. I think we will be hearing these names for many seasons to come.

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