Alex Smith, how good will he be for the 49ers next year?

I think he will continue to improve and be one of the better young quarterbacks in the league. Looked like a completely different guy last year as opposed to his rookie season.


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I like him. His rookie season was a nightmare, but he had no protection and not nearly enough time to learn the system.

Norv Turner was great for him, as was the addition of Frank Gore. I'd love to see him start getting more confident. He needs that "I'm the number one draft pick and I deserve it" swagger.

The new offensive coodinator is the old quarterback coach though, so at least it's someone he's used to working with.

And he does have a variety of targets this year. DJack, Lelie, Battle, Davis...

I think it will be a good year. I have faith.


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he'll be good enuff to get them to the playoffs

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i think he will be pretty good. He will improve and he will do better because defenses will focus on the run game and Frank Gore instead of the pass. There recievers aren't that god but Alex Smith should have a good year. We will wait and see

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im hoping he does well. i mean i gotta like him thats my team, but I dont kow how well hell do without Norv Turner this is his test season i get, if he excells hell be something if not then looks like we shoud have drafted brady quinn, but its ok we have super bowl winner trent dilfer backing him up

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I can see Alex Smith being somewhere in the top 11-20 quarterbacks in the league next year. Possibly throwing 24 TDs to 15 INTs with 3200 yards

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Alex Smith will have a decent year. He has an excellent ground attack in Frank Gore, and talent in TE Vernon Davis. He has some decent WR's that can help him out as well. As long as they stick to the West Coast Offense and continue to throw short passes, he'll be throwing the ball 25-40 times a game, with 200-300 yards passing, and about a 55-60% completion rate.

I think it will take him another year or two to get completely comfortable in the system, along w/ the supporting cast. And as soon as they are comfortable, they will be pretty good!

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I think he will defenately improve next year. I don't expect a lot of yards from him cuz the 49ers run most of the time, but Smith will help the 49ers get them to playoff.
My prediction for Smith 2,900 yards~3,100 yards about about 15 tds, 10 int... And about 300 passing attempts will be enough from him...

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even though most people are optimistic i still think he's bad. even with an improved season i know that he doesnt have amazing protection and for a 3-year QB with no protection whose still learning the system it could be hard

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He is going to be good the im liking the off season moves the team made


He's going to improve but the team around him I have questions about so if he can take the weight he'll be getting better over the years

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Im looking for Alex Smith to have a break-out season. 49ers improved their 0-line and receiving core. Im hoping Gore gets more carries this season. That will open it up a little more for Alex with the playaction passing game. Hopefully Vernon Davis will stay healthy this season, he is going to be an amazing TE and a very nice target for Alex, especially in the redzone.

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He will be good enough to help the niners to the playoffs. With Frank Gore, D-Jack, Vernon Davis, Lelie, and young Jason Hill, along with a solid O-line they will be very good. An improved defense with clements, michael lewis, and the tandem of willis and lawson will be superb. Willis and Lawson are absolutely going to dominate with their abilities. Look for Smith and the niners to go to the playoffs this year, but the super bowl is quite a reach

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