AGAIN-How is Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?

I accidently screwed the last question.


GrAFFITTI question?

vito spatafore

Whats the details with asante samuel's contract?

loud and home to the most obnoxious fans

What team is the biggest threat to The Patriot's Superbowl hopes next season?

ya im a fsu fan and i went with my friend who was a gator last year to the south carolina game. (the game were they blocked the last second field goal) andi really dident see abig differencebetween Ben hill and Doak cambell(fsu's stadium) butthere was a difference in the fans UF is know for having the most ignorant fans of any school in the nation, they are on a supiority complex big time in gainesville

Best Rookie in 07?

sounds like a jealous fsu fan sorry the noles stink ,Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is always rockin with the gator nation fans cheering loud and proud for the gators your 2006 national champs GO GATORS!

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