All Pro Football 2K8 will have no Franchise Mode, will you still buy it?

2k football will be back this August with All Pro Football 2K8, but the game will not have a Franchise mode or any current NFL players, but it will have former players like Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Dan Marino, Troy Aikman, etc. How successful do you think this game will be without these things?


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It will most likely be as successful as Blitz the league.
I personally liked the two other games they came out with better than Madden and would rather play them, but they quit making them so I was forced to play Madden again. But it does suck that they will not be having a franchise mode. The original game had Payton, Taylor "LT", and Irvin that you could unlock.

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Im buying Madden 08 that is the way to go, that is just some second rate game..go with Madden man.

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i dont think it will get close to madden, but i would like to see it

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EA has pretty much locked up all rights to NFL games...I dont see how 2K can even compete...

I know I wont be buying 2K...just Madden...

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If 2K was smart they should come out before Madden and those die hards waiting for football will buy it.
I probably would buy it.

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