07-08 Buffalo Bills?

Question:I 'm reposting this and explaining why i am excited for the up coming year. Granted the Bills lost a few good key players, i emphisize "good". McGahee- yeah he was good, not great. He wasn't a team player and didn't study his playbook. Enter Marshwan Lynch- has the speed and ability to be a game changer havn't seen that since Thurman Thomas. Spikes- Achillie injury- did not play with the intensity he use to, now just average. He was also " good" Fletcher- another "good" player. always seems to be on the tackles, but he gets blown off the ball and makes the tackle 9-10 yrd down the field, can't STUFF the run, then takes stupid unsportsmanlike calls at key moments in the game. Clements-- he seen the 49ers coming. 80mill? yeah right. They needed him to shut down the 2nd reciever for San Diego and Tennessee last year and couldn't. 9 ers can have him.
Im not saying they win div. JETS WILL. but they will be exciting to watch , won't they?


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Yeah they will. I'm a bills fan and I think Marshawn Lynch is too good to not watch. Paul Posluszny will be explosive and freaking PUNISH people. Losman will connect with Evans as always. The defense will be hurting a little, but we will hold on

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I dont know...I still think the Bills organization needs a few years before they can be a contender! Marshawn Lynch hasnt proven anything yet...its still a little to early to tell! But thats what makes it so exciting on the offseason! EVERYONE IS ON THE SAME PLAYING FIELD!!

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I'm not sure what all that crap you've written says, but I'm going to go with the Bills will suck 6-10.

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look man you guys were crazy for letting willis go but you did get a franchise rb with lynch( even though i was holping he would fall to my packers at 16) as far as the other points you made your right, execpt NYJ wont win the divison Ne will and they will win it handely. my perdiction 6-10 for your bills man sry

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Ah I don't think so.
I see a 5-11 season upcoming, with an 0-6 division record.
I am definitely not as high on Lynch as you seem to be. He often disappeared in big moments for the "Manegy" Golden Bears, and not at all close to being as talented as McGahee is.
Also losing 3 of the top 4 defensive players will not help at all. I see a regression in the defense this year. Also Dick Jauron teams have a habbit of regressing after an improvement year.

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Lynch is only a rookie the 2nd best in the draft but the RB position was weak. McGahee was better and will have a better carrer than Lynch. The Bills still SUCK at QB. How can a team be Exciting without a half way decent QB? J.P. Losman is a 3rd string, at best. As for defense, The "good" players they got rid of were the best on the Bills defense and are better than the no-names they have now. They will be lucky to get 4-5 wins. But they will have a top 5 draft pick next year because they suck that bad.

Definatly the least exciting team to watch next year.

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i agree when you said good not great..

but the problem is, they lost all those players and didnt replace them....

whos there middle linebacker?
whos there #1 cornerback...Terence McGee is solid but he cant defend #1 WR's..

plus, i think Lynch is good but not great as well....

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I am excited for the fact that Marv Levy is now their owner. At least that's what I have heard. I haven't been back to Buffalo in years and I miss watching them play.

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