"STEELERS NATION" steelers fans what grade do you give the black&gold after the draft.?

Question:they drafted a couple of linebackers and they got
a punter in the 4th round


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I am a huge Steeler fan, but...Overall, I would give the Steelers a C draft grade.

1. LB- Lawrence Timmons - Grade C. Both CB and Offensive line were areas of bigger need. Timmons is intended as a 4-3 outside linebacker (in the 3-4 he would fit more as an inside backer-Farrior's position). The reason that Timmons was taken is that Tomlin thinks that he is Derrick Brooks (is also from Florida) - who Tomlin coached at Tampa Bay. Most fans like me are not happy with this pick both because there were more glarring needs, and because we dont think that Timmons will be good (Had such a bad workout that his agent publically apologized for him...Has only 1 year of experience as a starter at Florida..Was from Florida - Is he good? or a product of being around other good players at Florida? Not to mention that he lied to NFL scouts about his size and height.).

2. LB- LaMarr Woodley - Grade B+. Is more of a Steelers type of guy. He projects as a 3-4 Outside linebacker or a 4-3 DE. He will eventually be useful as a transition player (to the 4-3), and can currently be used to provide breathers for current starting OLBs Clark Haggans and James Harrison. This pick is also insurance since Clark Haggans contract is up next year.

3. TE- Matt Spaeth - Grade D+. A TE in the third round? why? It's not like he will start while Heath Miller is there. May be useful if we use more two tight end sets (or 3 TE sets) ...But we already have Jeramy Tuman as a Blocking TE.

4a. P- Daniel Sepulveda - Grade D-. Trading up for a punter in the 4th round when you have Mike Barr who has been pushing Gardacki for the job for 3 years now? At least he is a good punter.

4b. DE - Ryan McBean - Grade C. Pretty much a mystery. IS from Jamaca. Very raw...needs a lot of coaching. Could project as a 3-4 DE or a 4-3 DT.

5a. OG - Cameron Stephenson - Grade C-. Very raw.needs a lot of coaching. Really only 1 season experience as an Offensive lineman (Previously played D-Line). Could end up as a decent guard in about 4-5 years..most likely will be out of the NFL in 2. Way too late in the draft to be trying to address O-Line problems

5b. CB - William Gay - Grade B+. Instinctual, aggressive and has very good hands. Will probably be the 4th CB, since Colclough is most likely gone) and special teams gunner. Similar to an early Townsend. Same problem---is short (5'10")--will always have trouble with taller receivers who can go up and get the ball despite good position by the CB.

7. WR - Dallas Baker- Grade D-. Will most likely be out of football in a couple of years. If he is lucky, may turn into a Lee Mays type who keeps turning up in camps but never makes the team for more than 2 weeks when other WRs have injury problems. Had a lot of TDs in college. Reminds me a little of Walter Young (Tall receiver that has been on the practice squad the past couple of seasons).

Overall: Steelers just didn't draft in areas of immediate need. McFadden was good at CB last year, but Townsend is getting older and Ike Taylor was benched last year. Colclough may not make the team. Even bigger problems loom on the Offensive line.

There is no clear starter at Right guard. Kendall Simmons has not played well since he was diagnosed with diabetes. Kemoeatu did not play well when he was in this past year. Sean Mahan (who was signed in free agency) may be a bandaid for the position, but is not a long term solution for a running team. Max Starks clearly can not pass protect at Right Tackle against a speed rusher. Max's particular flaw tends to be when he is dealing with a speed rusher he has trouble moving his feet quick enough and getting out of his stance. Example (the oakland Raiders game last year--this was against a pass rushing DE-imagine if a team blitzes a LB, S, or CB to his side): http://www.aolsportsblog.com/2006/11/01/...
Marvel Smith seemed to get a little slower at Left Tackle last year. Chukky Okobi is unproven at center. And Alan Faneca (the best player on the line) is not in camp and may not be with the Steelers next year (Is getting older, his contract is up, and it will be hard to pay both him and Polamalu).

I would have liked to see the Steelers trade down in the First and take Guard Ben Grubbs. Use the extra picks to trade up in the 2nd and take Chris Houston. And then take Brian Robison (as a backup 3-4 OLB/4-3 DE-could end up a starter in a couple of years) in the 3rd.
(Note: Brain Robison (OLB), Jay Moore (OLB) and Michael Bush were still there when we decided to take a TE in the 3rd. Guard Manuel Ramirez was still on the board when we decided to draft a punter in the 4th.)

P.S. - That being said. I will still be in the stands, cheering on my Steelers. Hoping that I am wrong about the draft.

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draft wasnt bad, they might go 8-8 this year

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the drift was ok but i agre they should have a good season

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they didn't fill all of their needs.


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Incomplete. They still need to address their needs at Center and of course special teams. They need some tacklers on special teams and they need them bad. You can't be letting your opponents' offense keep starting drives at the 40 and expect to win.

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Well i think they filled some holes (LB, Punter, D-lineman) but how they do next year will all depend on Roethlisberger staying healthy and Santonio Holmes getting better. If they didnt start out so bad and giving ganes away they might have made a playoff run. After all they did go 6-2 in the last half of the season so they are not that far removed from getting back to a 10-6 record or better hopefully.

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They did great because they didn't improve very much.

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I give them a "C" or from a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give them a 6.5 and I feel like we may go as far as 11-5 at best and 7-9 at worst. I am a long time "die real hard" Steelers fan and this pains me to have to express these harsh figures, but I feel like this is the season next year for us. Lots of heart ache and frustration. Unhappily I state this as a sad fan.

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their best move was getting kirby wilson in the off season.new r.b. coach.

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an F cause it dont matter how good your players are if your quarterback throws 3 INTs a game your usually gonna lose

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i give them a B plus Timmons is a cover LB they will confuse offenses with him and Troy on blitzes Woodley is a bull rusher quick like a Greg Lloyd the TE pick is good they are going to play 3 TE sets they will line 1 up in the back field the Wr pick the kid has alot of tds thats why he is called the td kid plus if you look we have some unsigned free agents that didnt get drafted we picked up we picked up 2 rbs another te who is 6 ft 8 and we did pick up some more OL people we picked up a tackle who is 6ft 9 331 so i see us in the playoffs just cant wait till sept 9th

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I would say a B+. They went old school and strengthened the defense and drafted the best punter in college football. They drafted a tight end who is the size of a DE which will only strengthen the offense.

I would have liked to see a bruising running back drafted though. I like Davenport as a goal-line back but he isn't the long-term solution.

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