Am I too old to play professional football?

Im 24 and I would need at least 6 months to a year to train up and get into shape, if im in good enough shape and try out could i walk on to an NFL team at 25 years old?


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Assuming you don't suffer from unrealistic "dreams" and minus detailed height, weight, size, speed, vertical, experience and etc. I think age is in your favor. You SHOULD have the discipline to get in top condition. After 30 years around football at all levels I promise there are more opportunities in pro football. NFL Europe, Arena football, semi-pro ball teams and of course the "big show". If you're serious check out the Achilles Speed training shoes and injury prevention program. This site sent 9 boder line players to the NFL Combine. Five signed contracts. Good Luck! Mike S

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no you aint too old
you are probably a dreamer
but i aint sure

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depending on your position, anything is possible. But I would have to suggest that you try to walk-on to an Arena team. NFL would be too much.

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You're not too old for pro ball...
but you don't "walk on" anymore...unless theres a strike and you cross the picket lines.

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Hate to breack it to you, NFL doesn't hold open try outs. Plus these athletes have been training their whole life, I don't think 6 months to a year would get anyone close to the level the NFL players are on. I'm not saying you shouldn't follow your dreams. Work you butt off, maybe try semi-pro for a year or so, they do hold open try outs. If your good enough the NFL scouts will find you. Good Luck.

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If you were a good enough talent. Chris Weinke was 27 or so when he came into the league.

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you are not to old ok

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Youre actually young... but NFL scouts need game tape to see what you can do. Even if you are a freak athlete they need to see tape, and usually college tape of you playing higher level competition.

Arena is the way to go to get your foot in the door. And thats still tough... they have tryouts so if you are a good athlete and can do football drills smooth you get a shot at making it.

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It is probably a little late to play pro ball. But you can always play semi pro football. Almost every state has its teams. It is for people who are living the dream. And you just never know about making it pro. I have been playing for the past couple of years and have seen numerous scouts at my games.

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Offcourse you can.Provided you are good enough physically and mentally

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While there are still a few NFL teams that occasionally have walk on tryouts, they are not very common anymore, at 25 forget it. You are to old and if you had been good enough at one time you surely would have gotten noticed then.,

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I dont think without have played college ball and been noticed by the scouts you really have no chance. 6 months is not enough to be able to get in the NFL. your not to old, but sending in game tape just wont do it. even if a team picks you up(witch wont happen probably) i doubt youll last long. Try the GFL or AFL, i bet you could make it their maybe.

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Believe it or not 22-24 is still a pretty early age. Many athletes red-shirt a year in college and so they come out about 22-23. Age isn't going to be a problem for you, however its whether you have the skills to really play the game is the question. Its not just about being in terrific shape. Its as much or more about instinct, football intelligence, and toughness.

What are your stats (height, weight, position) where are you starting from before your training? (bench reps of 225, 40 time) Did you play college ball?...the list of questions could go on but there has to be a mental toughness and physical toughness to make a team. Workout warriors are usually spotted quickly at scouting combines and try-outs when people go from the lifting and running to actually doing football drills so, depending on how much playing experience you have, you may want to enlist a former coach or local high school coach to help you train a bit on some position specific drills.

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Ive contacted the Bills a few years ago about what you are asking. They told me that you can not walk on to an NFL team. You will either have to be drafted out of college, or signed from the Arena league or Canadian Football League.
hope this helps

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The only problem I see is getting a shot in the NFL man they are real funny about talking to people they never heard of . For instance Justin Gatling got a try out HE RAN A 3.9 40 and got cut. He only got the try out because of his name and he is a world record holder in the 100 meter dash. Someone above me said go play semi pro and if you are that good they will come and see you this is a fact just like Symon Rice with the Cardinals he played semi pro good luck.

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Your not too old, but if you didnt play in college I'm pretty sure nobody will give you a serious look.

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there are some rookies that enter the draft at the age of 25 or older so no you are not too old tryout for football.

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