40 yard dash?

i made a big mistake last tym saying i ran it in 3.7 -n every1 was tellin me how dum i am- IT WAS A MISTAKE!! i ran a 4.7 seconds and would like to know if its a gud time. i just turned 16, -football-


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That is good for your age, your only 16, you have time to develop. I don't know what position you play or how big you are, but a lot of TE, DE, LB,FB, and some RB 40 times in that range. I would suggest purchasing a Running Parachute to improve your 40.

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For your age yeah it's a good time and if Dwayne Jarrett ran like a 4.62 and went in the second round in the draft that means you could have NFL speed.

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For your age, 4.7 is a good time. But lets not go comparing you to Dwayne Jarrett already. He's also about 6' 5" and 215lbs. Its not all about the 40 time either. Its the overall package. I'm sure at 16 you can probably improve on a few things in the running technique to lower your time even more. Try to stay relaxed when you run.

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haha i wish i ran a 3.7 let alone a 4.7, keep up the work

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I'm 18 and a junior in high school. that's fairly fast, we only have like 20 people that are faster.

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Yes that is a good time, it can always get better though, so keep working on it.

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yeah, good time, but still about 1.7 seconds longer than it takes me to drink a pint of beer! Now THAT'S impressive!

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Everyone makes mistakes in typing...

4.7 is an excellent time for a 16 year old...and you'll get faster.

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Yea its fast but not fast enough that type of speed is for offensevie linemen.

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