Ain't West Virginia fans kinda insane in the membrane for thinking that..?

Question:They gonna be somebody next season? Dude they ain't even gonna win the soft azz big-east next year.

Drop like it's Hot...


Who Will Win The Big Game?

They have a shot at the Big East. They've won it the past two years and the staple of their offense of Pat White and Steve Slaton will be back for this season so they will still contend.

Louisville and Rutgers also have good shots at winning the division.

Quinn or Russel?Who will OK Raiders pick at #1?

All I have to say is STEVE SLATON.

Whats the best way of getting rid of scars?

It's true the big east is getting soft, but nonetheless no matter what conference the mountaineers play , they will destroy every team in the nation! P.S. You wouldn't know a good team if it came up and bit you on the ***, you dick!

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