Antonio Pittman?

Saint fans and others,..What do you think about the Saints picking up Pittman?..We do have Deuce and Bush!..I like it my self, do you feel?


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I think the move is great for the future. I don't think New Orleans will keep Duece so Pittman gives them another good in the hashes runner, who can compliment Reggie without costing as much as Duece will cost over the next few years.

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well this is definintly a change of pace back from Bush and Deuce, this pick is a likely sign of Duece wearing down and also this pick is a solid backup if either Buch or Duece sustains an injury this season. This pick was really good because they got him in the second day only having to give up a 4th and also that means the Saints wont have to spend much by signing him.

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I think it was a waste of a pick, they already have enough depth at running back, they needed to address defense more.

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I really like them picking Pittman so late. Deuce isn't getting any younger and Bush will never be an every down back. So good move.

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I think they woulda benefited more with more help in the secondary, but I as for ppl saying Duece is slowing down he has only been in the league since 01 I think he has plenty of playing time left in him, and i bet aaron stecker didnt like the pick too much either, but time will tell.

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