And with the 13th pick in the draft the St. Louis Rams select.?

hopefully Amobi Okoye drops that far so the rams can get him.who do you think theyll end up with?


Where will AD go?

I'd have to go with most of the experts who are saying the Rams will choose LB Paul Posluszny of Penn State. Posluszny is the top LB in the draft and at 6'2" 238lbs he will help the Rams take the next step in getting a respectable defense. Amobi Okoye will be long gone before the 13th pick, even if Miami passes on him, other teams ahead of the Rams will not.

What do you think about this monster trade involving 4 teams?

Ikaika Alama-Francis

Who is the best defencive player going to be in 2007?

If Okoye gets past Miami at #9, I think the Rams will take him at #13. If Miami takes Okoye I think the Rams will take Alan Branch.

When and where should i use a golf glove i.g the fairway the driving tee etc.?

Paul Polzunsky, LB, Penn State

PS2 football?

if alan branch falls that far you would be lucky

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Posluzny isn't the best LB in the draft.. Patrick Wilis is..

I think the will take Okoye.. I can't see him going higher than 13

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