Anyone else think that Pete Rose is an idiot??

Doesn't he realize that mentioning he bet on his team every night worsen his chances of getting inducted into the hall of fame?


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Being honest is never stupid. He was stupid to deny it in the first place. And I don't believe he ever bet against the Reds, only for them.

If drug users can get into the hall, why can't a gambler, especially when the guy was a damn good ballplayer! His personal life was a mess, but on the field, he was magic.

Do you think europeans are sissy's cuz they play soccer?

he's trying to be "honest" . Of course this guy is the biggest liar in all of sports.

He just wants the publicity so he slowly puts out piece by piece that he bets.

I can PROMISE YOU that in 3 years he'll say he bet against his team as well. The guy is such a loser he should never be allowed near the hall of fame.

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Your just as much an idiot as he is...You're in the wrong section dumba$$..

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Not really, everyone knows it was true, atleast he is admitting it instead of continuing to hide it. Does not make it worse, might help him in the future. The problem most people had was that he kept denying it, atleast this way everything is out in the open and there is nothing more to go into on the subject.

Is their such thing as a draw in college sports?

Idiot may be an understatement.

I saw this guy on the WWF one time dressed as a chicken getting power bombed!

His chances of being inducted are less than zero.

Will Chad Johnson turn into a T.O. and nobody on the team will like him?

You'll get no arguments from this gal. Anyone who bets on his team doesn't deserve any honors.

What sickens me is the fact that he was inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame! Why? He's no wrestler!

He's a complete and total idiot.

Was it smart for the Lions to chose Calvin Johnson?

will bet you five to one - YES

Who would win in a football game?

Yes, he is an idiot...I used to like him in his playing days with the fact, got an autographed baseball once from the Phillies when he was there playing...but he has tarnished his image severely...

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Who cares if he is an idiot. He is not applying for the Hall of Saints. He will be in the HOF when all is said and done. The Hit King not being in the HOF is rediculous. Afterall, he isn't famous for what he did as a manager, but as a player he was one of the greats.

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Yes, he is pretty idiotic, because I don't like Rose keep changing his words.

What is going on with the Min. Vikings? Huge salary cap , Huge needs and they have done NOTHING on free agency

So what if he bet on his own team to win. That shows he was confident in his teammates. Yeah, betting is against MLB rules, but that shouldn't keep him out of the Hall of Fame. He's one of the best players to ever play the game. At least he didn't cheat like Bonds or McGwire.

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Dude he can't be put in the Hall of Fame EXCEPT by the Veteran's Committee anyway. He came forward claiming he bet on the games in his LAST year of eligibility for the ballot HOPING Selig would let him in. Now he lost the ballot and has to hope the Veteran's put him in. Yeah he is an idiot though.
He broke the RULES OF THE GAME that are printed in EVERY CLUBHOUSE. What is so hard to grasp about that? Why is is so hard to grasp he shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame for that? As to Bonds, he never failed a drug test. As to McGwire, same thing never failed and when he was caught with a perfomance enhancing thing, it was over the counter and legal in baseball at that time.

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ya... but your in the wrong section .

Does any1 else hate the new charger uniforms?

no, he just knows how to make money

Dallas Cowboys Runningbacks?

I think most people think Pete Rose is an idiot. He's also an arrogant a**hole. He's not too good at FOOTBALL either.

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Not me. But I bet the MLB fans do!

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It might help if he wasn't drunk every time he spoke to somebody. The man is washed up.

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