All these people on espn talkin bout troy smiths future?

troy smith dont have a future who agrees with me that hell be in the europe leauge by 2008


Is it fair that Troy Smith is being overlooked?

He's Canada material.

The guy looked lost against a fast Florida defense, and that's nothing compared to what he could face in the NFL. He can't read a defense.

And the guy admits to being "out of shape," and he "attended too many banquets," before the scouting combine. WTF?

If the kid is a true professional, you would think he could push away from the buffet table.

He was a great college QB. Maybe he and Danny Wuerffel can open an IHOP together, and put their Heisman trophies near the register.

OKAY fine... how about Troy and Gino Toretta open the IHOP. My point is, Heisman QBs generally don't pan out.

Draft Questions...?

He will be McNair's replacement. Boller SUX

Do u think that the raiders r going 2 do better this year with jamarcus russell?

He has a future RIGHT NOW. Come on he is on the Ravens. McNair has one or two years left in him as most see it. On the other hand I was waiting for him to get injured and MISS A GAME last year, didn't really happen although I think he missed the end of a game and he was hurt in the bye week. Still he is PHYSICALLY old. Next you have Kyle Boiler. Right now Smith is really the number 2 guy behind McNair if you ask me.

What teams are most likely to win their respective divisions in the 2007 NFL Season, and why?

His only future is as a free safety in the AFL.

Do you think rutgers football team will will win the national titile this year?

Its ok, im sure that someday youll actually understand the game, and realize greatness when you see it.

How bad will the Redskins be this year?

Troy Smith has a future in the CFL or in the arena league.

As for the IHOP comment with Danny. Normally that'd be funny. However, considering he basically gave all his money and has devoted his life to his ministry in New Orleans, which by the way was destroyed by Katrina, I think you should kinda cut him a break. His heart was never really into the pros. Was he a great NFL qb? No. But he is a great guy who decided on a different path in life versus working on getting better in the NFL.

Is this the last year, of Joe Gibbs Contract?

I think that Troy Smith is actually underrated. They say hes to small but he still delivers. In my opinion he on a bigger stage and put way more on the line than Brady Quinn ever did. Troy won't be amazing but he'll be about the avg QB

Working out during football season?

He is in the best situation as there is absolutely zero pressure on having to step into battle for the starting job. I will say he blew it bigtime by not going into the combine in great shape and saying that was because of hitting the banquet circuit.

It comes down to how bad does he want to be in the league; bad enough to be a back-up for the next couple of years, bad enough to hold a clipboard. That adjustment is sometimes the hardest for college stars.

I can't root against him, but I can't understand how he personally didn't take the pre-draft workouts more seriously.

How many Texans are online now?

i personally agree with you, i think that troy smith is a GOOD athlete but, he is extremlly lucky. He was surrounded by so many taleneted plays that it was hard for him to look bad. He had so much talent to work with on that team that its really no suprise they did so good. Then when you see what happens with the Gators, its a completly different story. I think that he is also lazy and does not want it as much as some other and lacks in his physical training. Proof of this is that for a heishman trophy winner being drafted this late a large amount of people must not see potential in him

Who will play for Tampa Bay more next season, Garcia or Simms?

WOW! you are giving him alot of credit by saying he will be around until 2008. I think he will be cut in preseason.

Josh Heupel ring a bell?

What are the odds of the Raiders having a .500 record next season?

i can see troy smith starting by mid-season

Any of you play 7 on 7 flag football, whats a good zone to run cover 3, or mostley man?

I think he'll be out of football by then.

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