Apart From The Bears Does Any NFC North Have A Chance Of The Playoffs?

i think packers might


Is Donald Driver the most under looked player in the NFL?

I'm still trying to figure out why you think the Bears have a chance. They don't have the weak schedule this year as they did last year. As for the Packers, we'll just have to wait and see if Brett Favre has any more tricks up his sleeve.

What Team did you think had the best NFL Draft?


I play football got schoolarship 2 gators and might go to the nfl,but i make good money in realestate?

I don't think the Packers or Lions have any chance.

I do think that the Vikings wil go 8-8 or 9-7 to get the last playoff spot. Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor could be a dominate duo at the runningback position similar to what the Bears had last year with Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson and what the Colts ahd with Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes. The Vikings also picked up Sidney Rice in the draft. The Vikings will be better on defense this year with the signing of former Colt Mike Doss and drafting of Marcus McCauley

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Actually, after the Bears I think the Vikings have the best shot followed by the Packers then the Lions.

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they all have a chance, its Football and as they say any givin sunday, Green Bay has a chance because of Brett, The Vikings with their new found D, have a chance. and Det with Johnson and Williams at Rev, if anyone can throw them the ball have a chance.

If one team gets a weak schld. and starts on a roll, that all it takes to have a chance.

Who was the best pick in the 2002 NFL draft?

the vikings have a pretty solid defense. they also should have an amazing running game this season. when they are continuously running the ball and controlling the clock other teams will not get a chance to score. this will result in many wins. maybe a chance at the playoffs.

Which teams will be in the next Super Bowl?

Vikings. No doubt.

Which has a richer football tradition? Alabama or USC?

Honestly I think that people are selling the Lions a bit short. They had a bad record last season but that was under the new coaching and with 13 players ending up on the IR. They picked up Calvin Johnson who will be going into a system that got Mike Furrey 98 catches for 1086 yards.

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The Packers do, they were .500 last year and are filled some holes. Maybe the Vikings, but I doubt it. The Bears will slip a bit this year. You never know with the NFL anymore. Teams bounce back and fall quick.

Tiki.. Hall of Famer?

their D really got better this offence. they already had playmakers lik dawkins, trotter, and sheppard. now they got new talent too. lik tony hunt to help westbrook out. plussss mcnabb and kearse wil be back. and all the other people they drafted. =) they are goin far, probably to the superbowl to beat the patriots this time

Who should the niners choose in their first round pick?

I don't think the Bears are going to be that good this year. As much as I hate to admit it, look out of Dallas, Carolina, and maybe the Redskins.

Best qb in nfl history?

its the NFL, anything can happen....everybody has a chance...

who saw the Saints coming?

but i think the Bears will win it....but the Vikings at least have a chance...

Who likes the patriots?

If the packers would have drafted better or traded for Moss but since they didn't then NO!

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