Anyone remember a better more timely play on D than the george teague strip move against miami ?


To any1 who has a 6 pack when they flex or know anybody who dus?

yeah, "the fumble" broncos browns 1987 AFC championship game, Jeremiah Castille stripped the ball from Earnest Byner on the three yard line to keep the Browns from winning the game.

Is the NFL Cheerleader Playoffs the best thing EVER?

yes troy browns strip of an interception aginst san diego to end their super bowl dreams. because of that norv turner is the coach of the chargers.this tells it all.

Who is Brady Quinn closer to being in the NFL?

I do remember better defensive play and it still involves George Teague. Terrell Owens runs to the middle of the Dallas Cowboys field on the star then Teague runs and tackles him. Great job defending Teague.

PS: I'm no longer mad at TO because he gave us 12 TDs last year.

Does Tom Brady do anything exceptionally besides getting rid of the ball quick to avoid the big shot?

Yes - San Diego is head of New England and SD picks off a pass with 4 minutes left. The CB tries to run it back but is stripped from behind by Troy Brown of NE, Wide reciever. NE keeps ball at SD 27 and eventually scores to tie the game and wins it later.

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