70's Steelers vs Worst NFL team today?

Question:People have asked about a hypothetical game between the Patriots and Steelers dynasty. I am not so sure the Steelers could even beat the worst team in the NFL today. With no off season conditioning back then and offensive and defensive lineman weighing about 50 pounds of solid muscle heavier today. How could the Steelers run a single yard, protect the quarterback, prevent holes from being opened and pressure the QB of a team from today?

I was thumbing through an NFL roster book from the mid 70's and one of the starting linemen from some mediocre team (maybe the Browns) was 230 Pounds!!! That's what most adult female fans weigh today!


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In terms of the size/weight/muscle/speed advantages that the current NFL players have over the past NFL players, you made a very solid point. In the trenches, the Steelers of the past would get blown out of the water by the 300+ lb lineman of today. For the Steelers of the past, goalline situations, versus a current NFL team, would be rendered obsolete. The Steelers running game would get nowhere, because their O-line wouldn't be able to create any lanes for their RB, and their Steel Curtain would be made to look more like a plastic sheet when going against the 320+ O-lineman of today. The only way the NFL of the past can compare with the NFL of today is in heart/awareness/fundamentals. Other than those factors, the whole game has changed. And those factors, unfortunately for the Steelers of the past, would not be enough to win the game. They would be too beat up and tired to use any heart to win the game. Peace.

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I really think if you gave the Steelers of the 70's a chance to practice for the game and play it they'd represent. I agree with your line of thinking, though a 70's Bradshaw would pass Arizona 2006 silly.

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I think you are on to something for sure. The size and speed of players has increased for sure over the years due to better strength training(and steroids I am afraid).

As for the female fans, I am not going to touch that one with a ten foot pole. But then again, who would?

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Today's players are heavier and more muscular, but I would definitely give the old school Steelers a good chance, b/c they had a lot of 3 things that lots of players today don't have: HEART, GUTS, AND PLAIN OUT MEANNESS.

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This is a ridiculous question in my mind simply put there is no comparison at all. Firstly the Steelers of the 1970's "HAVE CLASS" and play with the love of the game and not the paycheck. The players were all unselfish and turned out how many hall of fame players? You aren't serious are you? The Steelers of the 1970's would kill those "grid-iron divas" of today!! Remember the NFL has changed alot since then and what was legal back then to do is not today because of all the "pre-maddonas" on the Field today. Get outta here with that question!!

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"Firstly the Steelers of the 1970's "HAVE CLASS""

Audrey Hepburn had a lot of class, too. I'm not sure how she would have blocked the classless Ray Lewis. Maybe you are on to something, though, or maybe just "on something".

I think the '79 Steelers would lose to today's Detroit Lions by at least 28 points.

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Todays team. Raiders or Lions would both win easy. Players today are so much bigger, faster, and stonger.

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Teamsd of 20-30-+ years ago will stand no chance against today's team. For no other reason then they did not have the physical qualities and the advancements in strength and conditioning.

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Yeah I notice you say MEDIOCRE team. The Steelers WEREN'T mediocre. Let "Mean" Joe Green or Jack Lambart line up and see what the Offense says. These were BIG guys. Remember how Haslett said that players started using steroids to try and catch up in the size of the Steelers in the 70s. Note he didn't say the Steelers used them, he said those guys were HUGE and others wanted to get big like that.

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they probably couldn't even beat the housten texans or the dolphins for that matter

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The players have not gotten that much bigger, and they're not that much stronger: the Steel Curtain is the greatest defense to ever grace the gridiron. They averaged 255 lbs and 6'5" height compared to today's defensive line may average 285. They're speed and strength is at least equal if not superior to most, if not all, of today's teams. The Steelers of the 70's also had two of the best linebackers to ever live: Jack Lambert and Jack Ham.
Offensively, I'll take Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, and Rocky Bleier (and even Terry Bradshaw) as my offense against anyone.

Simply put: the Steelers of the 70's is the most hardnosed, bust-you-in-the-teeth, kick-you-when-you're-down, stomp-your-guts-in team ever assembled and they could easily compete and win against today's league. Football hasn't changed that much. The players haven't gotten that advanced and if anything the players of the 70's have more guts, grit, and determination than today's players which will win more games than all the size, speed, and talent.

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Since the main point of your argument seems to be that the 70's Steelers would lose to today's worst teams due to their lack of size, why not make the comparision with all things being equal ?
Does anybody doubt that if today's best teams played the 70's Steelers at the weights that would be typical for the teams of the 1970's .that the Steelers would dominate them ? There isn't a qb out there as good as Bradshaw was nor is there a linebacking corp comparable to Ham & co.

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Steelers from the 70's can beat ANY team

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