About 3,4,5 years ago, at a browns game, the referee allowed a challenge flag after another play, ..?

and this lead to fans throwing beer bottles everywhere and the game was ended with about a minute to go. What game and date was this?


Devin hester is da bomb holla back tell me wat you think?

Browns - Jaguars
December 17, 2001

Jags won 15-10

Does anybody think the detroit lions will ever win a super bowl if h*ll freezes over?

it was against the jaquars but i cant remember the date.

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Yeah another Childish move on the part of the Browns fans. Sadly you forgot the part where the league MADE the two teams go out and finish the game. All they did was have the Jags kneel down. The Browns had no time outs and couldn't do anything about it.

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