A new special-teams position in football ?

Question:The "kickblocker".

Someone whose sole job is to attempt to block extra-points and field-goals.

Some one about 6-8 to 6-10 in height, who might have had some collegate basketball background, but never made pro. Someone who maybe couldn't bang in the NBA paint, but can still jump like all hell.

If you developed a technique that could have 1 out of every 4-5 field goals either blocked or altered so much that it's a miss, that changes game stragety big time.

Is it worth using a roster slot to try such a player, even just to try it for a pre-season?


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Interesting idea, but to be worth wile, I think such a player would need to be able to play another position (TE, maybe, in certain situations)

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They already have that it is called the other 11 guys on the "KICK BLOCKING" unit. Those guys are there for blocking kicks that is why it is called special teams.

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I agree w/ BTW, he'd have to be able to play another P. More than likely a TE.

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they already have such a position, however they call it special teams for a reason, it gives them an excuse to use the rookies and not have to pay anythang extra.DIG?

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I don't think so. No matter how tall a guy is, he can't block a kick without penetrating the offensive line. That means he needs tools like strength, speed, and awareness, and if you have a guy with those things who is 6'10" he should be doing more than blocking kicks.

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More than likely, no. This would undermine the authority/value of a special teams coach. Certain players distinguish themselves in college/pros as great special teams players, and are rewarded.
EX: Dante Hall and Devin Hester as KR/PR's
Aaron Ross (drafted out of Texas by Giants 1/20th) set a school record for blocked kicks.

Getting a better push in the middle of the protection would be a better way to get your already athletic blockers up close. Teams would rather invest in a 300 lb. dude to blow up blocks than someone to jump over them. Saints TE Zach Hilton is 6-7 and has 0 blocks in his career. Height is not a factor.

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