49ers win division this year?


2 My Raider Nation, NFL Draft 2007, what is yall's opinions?

I think they should be the favorites to win, they had a good draft and pick up some key free agents. They had a decent year last year i thought and almost made the playoffs

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They might do it. The 49ers had a pretty good season last year with a young team. Now they're a year more mature and just had a great draft. The rest of the NFC West is unspectacular, and it's really anyone's game.

I would guess that the 49ers are still a year away from winning the division title, and will come in 2nd next season.

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Hell yeah they are with the addition of a deep threat (lelie) and a guy to catch the ball over the middle (d jack). the pounding of frank gore gonna set the rushing record. the key pick ups on defense(clements) the 9ers are gonna make some noise.

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They might because thats a off division. Every year someone different is leading the pack. However with the signing of Micheal Lewis and Nate Clements 2 pro bowlers. As well as a good draft and Frank Gore man this team can go all they way. Alex Smith is getting better to but they did lose there offensive coach so we will see how it goes in preseason.


They have a very good shot. The NFC West is a coin flip right now. 49ers made some really good offseason moves. If Alex Smith continues to improve then the niners should be okay.

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The 49ers will not win the division. They might even come in last. The lost their coach which is the whole reason that Alex Smith made the strides that he did. The Seahawks still an elite team that just got injured last year. The Cardinals could win all their games with that offense. The 49ers did have a great offseason, yet I can see them going 7-9 this year

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they'll be in the mix, but I still think the seahawks are a better team. Arizona should be much improved as well with the new coaching staff. Looking at the schedule I dont see how the 49ers can finish better than 8-8. They have a pretty tough schedule with game against Cinncinati, Baltimore, At seattle, At Pittsburgh, New orleans, At Carolina. the 49er are a good young team, but i think they are still at least a year away.

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Unfortunately they will not win the division this year but maybe next year... this year will be a tough one ... they will probably either just make the playoffs as a wild card or just miss it ...

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its not happening they are about 5 years away

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id be suprised if they did not win the division

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i think so, they beat some good teams last season and they got some great players this offseason, plus there division isnt a real strong one, i think they can take the division and go pretty far into the playoffs.

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they have no chance seattle will easily win it again

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Hell no!!!!! they might did a pretty good job, but they'll at least be no. 2 or 3

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This may not be the best division in the NFL

But is definetely the closest in terms of talent

49ers - Tonnes of new acquisitions... But are still pretty young, but have a bright future

Rams - That offense can carry any defense by the looks of it

Cardinals - Have some talent definetely... Just that o-line plays such a factor

Seahawks - Defending champs of the division and still look pretty solid


So to answer your question... Yes they can!

But they can also be last

Not cuz they arn't that good, but just cuz the division is so close

It's like how the Eagles, Redskins, Giants, Cowboys division is...

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Keep dreaming. GO SEAHAWKS BABY!!!

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